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Interbike 2016: Ukrainian Wide-Range Gearing

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While cassette extenders and narrow/wide chainrings have become fairly common, Ukranians machinists Garbaruk stand out with a combination of fanciful tool paths and relatively reasonable prices.

Looks pretty standard from the front...
Looks pretty standard from the front…

The company’s 11-45t cassette features ten cogs machined from a solid block of steel backed (not unlike SRAM’s higher-end models) with an aluminium top cog.  Its a time-consuming but light way to do things: the $250 (£190), 265g cassette weighs nearly 40% less than the similarly-sized XT 11-46.

...but there's a lot going on at the back.
…but there’s a lot going on at the back.

For those looking to take their existing cassette up several notches, the company’s extender replaces the top three cogs on an XT or XTR 11-36 with a 34-50t block.  Going that large does require a derailleur cage with much greater offset than stock- which is shown and included in the $135 (£105) package price.

Fly (almost) like an Eagle
Fly (almost) like an Eagle


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