Interbike 2016: Elevenpine Deployable Baggies

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Shorts Open...
Shorts Open…

Based in Boulder Colorado, young clothing company Elevenpine is out to reconcile the competing demands of on-bike performance with pre- and post-ride modesty.  While riding, they wanted a slim short that wouldn’t interfere with pedaling- but didn’t want something that drew too much unwanted attention during post-ride drinks.

...And Closed
…And Closed

Tailored for different riding styles, the abrasion-resistant Crankitup (mountain) and lighweight Uprising (road/performance) have zippers along the outside thigh that draw the short in from the seat down.  While the concept could be odd if executed poorly, it has to be said that Elevenpine have done a good job at making the hardware blend in and that the shorts look very normal when open.  When closed, both do a good job of hugging the rider’s leg- which will minimise interference and flapping.  It’s a neat idea and the booth appeared to draw a steady stream of casual cyclists and those looking to shake the Lycra habit.

Short are offered alone or with one of the better liners we’ve seen for both men and women.  The company also offers a ladies’ skirt that cinches at the hip while riding.  Learn more at

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