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Eurobike 2016: New 29+ & 27.5+ Tyres From Maxxis

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Boy, do we not envy the role of tyre manufacturers these days! With wheel standards changing faster than we change our underpants (twice during Eurobike week FYI), it boggles the mind how tyre brands like Maxxis are able to keep up with the latest “IT” tread width and rim diameter. During Eurobike 2016 however, Maxxis debuted its most comprehensive line of tyres yet.

With new width options being offered to address the ballooning plus market (pun semi-intended), riders will now be able to get their hands on beefier and more aggressive rubber for their plus hardtails and full suspension bikes, such as the High Roller II and the Minion. Up until recently, many plus tyres have erred on the lightweight side, with thin sidewalls and dry-condition tread patterns that have left British mountain bikers wanting. We’ve been calling for more cut-resistant plus tyre options and ones that are better designed to cope with our *ahem* mixed conditions in the UK, so these new options from Maxxis will be very welcome indeed.

The new High Roller II tyre from Maxxis is available in a 27.5×2.8in size for those wanting the dependability of the High Roller tread for their plus bike. No 29+ option as of yet, but we don’t expect it to be too far away.
There are two casing options in the High Roller II plus tyre. A cheaper option with a 60tpi casing, and a more expensive option with a 120tpi casing. The 120tpi casing is designed to be more supple, but it’s also lighter at a claimed weight of 980 grams, versus 1040 grams for the 60tpi option.
The High Roller II 27.5×2.8in tyre will feature reinforced EXO sidewall protection, as well as triple rubber compound. The 3C Maxx Terra compound is a softer rubber that should lend itself well to sticking on slick rocky surfaces and wet roots. Oh and like all of Maxxis’ new tyres, the High Roller II 27.5×2.8in tyre will be tubeless ready.
For plus bikes, the new Minion DHF and DHR tread patterns will be available in two different sizes: 29×3.0in and 27.5×2.8in.
The Maxxis Minion DHF is a favoured tyre amongst aggressive trail riders and enduro racers who value maximum grip in the loosest of loosest conditions. The plus version offers the same traction and dependability in a wider casing that is tubeless ready, EXO reinforced and equipped with the sticky 3C Maxx Terra compound.
With wider horizontal blocks, the Minion DHR is a rear-specific tyre that delivers more climbing traction and better braking grip too. Paired with a Minion DHF up front, you’ll likely have one of the stickiest tread combos for your 29+ or 27.5+ mountain bike.
Not as new, but still a popular tread option is the Maxxis Ikon that comes in a 27.5×2.8in size for fast-rolling performance. More of a dry condition tyre this one though. It uses the 3C triple rubber compound, but it’s the firmer Maxx Speed compound. Claimed weight is 770 grams for the EXO reinforced models.
There’s also the 27.5×2.8in Maxxis Rekon tyre, which many riders are using as a front tyre with the faster Ikon out back. Like the new Minion plus tyres, the Rekon also features a tubeless ready casing, EXO sidewall protection and 3c Maxx Terra rubber. Weight on this guy is claimed at 780 grams for the 120tpi model, and 825 grams for the 60tpi option.
maxxis tubeless minion plus 27.5 29 27.5+, 650b, eurobike
You want fatter? Then Maxxis have you covered with new Minion options joining the existing Colossus and Mammoth fat bike treads.
Fresh Goods Friday?? Nope, it’s the Minion Fat Bike Front! The Minion FBF is loosely based on the existing Minion tread pattern, offering a grippier platform for the fat bikers who like to ride proper trails. The Minion FBF comes in a variety of 26in fat bike sizes, as well as a newer 27.5×3.8in size that’ll suit 27.5 fat bikes such as Trek’s latest Farley. Claimed weight for the tubeless ready EXO model is 1475 grams.
To match, there’s a Minion FBR tyre for the rear of your fatbike, which now also comes in the 27.5×3.8in size. This guy also uses EXO sidewalls and a tubeless ready construction, and while there are no published claimed weights, we’d expect it to be pretty similar to the Minion FBF.
Lots of fatness on display at the Maxxis booth, though interestingly, there weren’t so many complete fat bikes on display at Eurobike.
maxxis tubeless minion plus 27.5 29 27.5+, 650b, eurobike
You either hate them, or love them, but for those who dig the old school look, Maxxis had new skinwall options in their trail bike range.
The Ardent tread pattern can be had in 29×2.25in and 29×2.4in sizes in their ‘Skinwall’ style, which comes complete with a tubeless ready bead and EXO reinforced sidewalls.
The popular Ikon tread pattern also now comes in a Skinwall option, with both a 27.5×2.2in size and a 29×2.2in size appeasing the gumwall lovers out there. Tubeless compatible and EXO reinforced too, with 3C Maxx Speed rubber compound for fastness.

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