Eurobike 2016: DMR Introduces V-Twin Clipless Pedal

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Those hard-hitting Brits behind DMR Bikes have come to Eurobike with a brand new pedal: the V-Twin. Joining their existing line of flat pedals such as the original V8 and the latest Vault, the V-Twin comes into the lineup as DMR’s first clipless pedal. You’ve all been asking them for years, and now they’ve finally delivered.

Get excited fellas! Neeeewww pedals!!
The V-Twin: brand new clipless (or is that ‘clip-in’?) pedal from DMR Bikes.
Modelled on DMR’s existing flat pedal range, the V-Twin pedal features a broad alloy cage around the clip mechanism to provide masses of stability and traction between shoe and pedal.
The clip mechanism features an open design to help purge sticky mud when riding in typical British conditions.
The clip mechanism in the middle features a sprung design that sees the top hook sticking up from the pedal body, making it easier for you to catch your cleat as you engage.
On each leading edge of the pedal, there are replaceable plastic guards that are held down with flat-head screws. Want more traction for super gloopy riding? You can replace those screws with the same pins from DMR’s flat pedal range, which will come included in the box.
Further adjustability comes from the shim design that DMR have utilised for the V-Twin’s body. Unbolt the plastic guards, then fit a stainless steel shim underneath to physically raise the height of the body to ensure a snug fit with your shoes. These shims will likely be sold separately, but should offer some additional customisation for specific shoe/pedal combos.
A closer look at those stainless steel shims. Also worth noting is that DMR are considering making a lighter version with a magnesium body and a Titanium axle if demand is there…
Oooh shiny! Signature edition Lacondeguy pedals based on the brilliant Vault platform, with a sweet oil-slick finish.
The Vault continues to be DMR’s most popular flat pedal, and it ain’t changing anytime soon.
DMR does a lighter version with a machined magnesium body and lighter titanium axles for ultimate bling bragging rights.
And the venerable V12 pedals remain. Lots o’ colours to be had with these tough puppies.
And a brand new V8 is also joining the range for 2017. The pedal platform is basically identical to the new V12 pedal, just with cheaper internals to bring the price down. Check out the difference in size and shape between the old V8 (right) and new V8 (left).
The new V8’s are claimed to weigh 480 grams for the pair, which is pretty good given they’ve got burly cro-mo axles and a big fat alloy body.
And at the entry into the line is the DMR V6 pedals, which use an all-plastic construction including the pins. Many pretty colours for the good looking ya?

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