Renthal Releases 35mm diameter handlebar and stem range

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In a response to the growing original equipment fitting of 35mm handlebars and stems, UK company Renthal today announced a whole range of matching Renthal Fatbars and UK-made Apex stems. Handlebars are also getting a little more length too.

Renthal 3517

The bars haven’t been designed to be any stiffer, or lighter (or heavier) than the existing 31.8mm bars and stems and Renthal reckons that most riders would be hard-pressed to tell the difference when riding, but some bigger or more aggressive riders like the reassurance of a chunkier cockpit.

Renthal 3516
The famous Fatbar, Fatbar Light and Fatbar Carbon all get 35mm options

The Integra 35 downhill stem (for double-crown forks) will cost £99.95 and the Apex will come in a tenner less at £89.95. The Fatbar Carbon 35 will be £134.95, the Fatbar 35 is £69.95 while the Fatbar Lite Carbon 35 is £129.95 and finally the Fatbar Lite 35 is £69.95

Renthal 3515
Carbon or alloy? Seen on the front of a lot of fast bikes last weekend at Fort William

The handlebars will all come with the choice of Renthal’s trademark range of rises: 10, 20, 30 and 40mm rises. Stems will be 33mm, 40., 50 and 60mm. The Integra stem comes in 45 or 50mm.

Renthal 3513
Normal stem or bolt-on stem. Renthal has it covered
Renthal 3512
Renthal can’t offer its super-short 31mm stem in 35mm, but can go down to 33mm which is short enough, right?

Renthal says “For all our 35mm handlebars we have matched their flex characteristics to the 31.8mm equivalent. All 35mm diameter options have the same ride quality that Renthal handlebars have become synonymous with.
“We have achieved the same ride quality with no loss of strength or durability and at a very similar weight to the 31.8mm equivalent. The only exception to this is the aluminium Fatbar 35. By improving the efficiency of the use of material in this handlebar, we’ve reduced the weight significantly, whilst maintaining the same level the strength, durability as the 31.8mm diameter equivalent.”

All handlebars will gain an extra 20mm in width, taking the Fatbar 35 and Fatbar Carbon 35 to 800mm and the Fatbar Lite 35 and Fatbar Lite Carbon 35 to 760mm. The bars and stems are shipping now and your shops should have them any minute now!

Renthal 3511
Bolt-on downhill stems get beautifully radiused stem clamps to reduce the risk of scoring the bars


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