Nico360 Brings 360-Degree Video To The Rest of Us

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30p per degree

Virtual Reality, if the pundits are to be believed, is poised to be the next big thing.  Because we’re still learning how to compose, frame, and view 360-degree photos and videos this leaves a lot of room for experimentation in what is essentially a new medium.  That said, few among us are willing to drop early-adopter money on something without a clear and immediate use.

You're being watched.
You’re being watched.

Those who would like to fool around in VR will be happy to have the team at Nico360 along.  A Chinese-based company, Nico360 has just announced a $150 (£111) action cam.  The splashproof camera captures 32 megapixels of data from a pair of fisheye lenses and can be mounted via a standard 1/4in camera mount to any number of aftermarket accessories.

Somewhat optimistic bar mounting
Somewhat optimistic bar mounting

The palm-sized (60x60mm) camera has electronic image stabilisation and can take 360° still photos up to 25 megapixels.  Wi-Fi connectivity allows for live streaming of 3D HD and smartphone image preview, completing what appears to be a pretty complete package.

If the video doesn’t work on mobile then try watching it here on Youtube or on our Facebook page

We’ve had a bit of a play with other cameras in the market and realise that the resulting videos aren’t all that fun to watch.  Yet.  But given how quickly things change it’s not hard to imagine that the viral mountain bike videos of 2019 will be captured in 3D and viewed on VR headsets.  Nico360 expect to open preorders in July and begin shipping cameras in August.

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