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Out of the small (yet well known and respected) West Wales based active clothing brand Howies – comes this smart and pretty trendy new jacket, as featured in Fresh Goods Friday 271.

Howies Lull

Named the Lull – it gracefully sits somewhere between the Helium and the Hewaddywaddy, in terms of it being a lightweight, windstoppery, showerproofy all types of activity kind of garment. However, as close as it may be to these previously mentioned jackets, what sets it apart is its very cosy indeed, fleece lining.

Howies - Inside

From the outside the Lull is very understated indeed, with only the red of the zips, providing any visual interest, from a jacket which is annoyingly only available in blue. Made from 100% Polyamide(Nylon) the Lull does crease rather nicely when stored, giving it a slightly different appearance every time you pull it out of the bag. The black fleece lining is a nice contrast with the blue, and of course, keeps you nice and warm when out and about. A small chest pocket (which is also lined with lovely black fleece) is secured with a zip, while the more familiar hip pockets are straight in-and-out jobs. Reflective accents on the arms and the base of the back add a slight safety appeal to the Lull.

Howies - Chest

I am a large in tops and jackets, but the XL Lull fits pretty well in the body, but it’s a touch long and baggy in the sleeve department. The sleeves have a snug cuff as it is, so the added Velcro straps are pretty unnecessary (unless you need to cut the blood circulation off to your hands). A slightly fish-tailed back does unfortunately fail to cover my delicate arse from mud splatters (so to speak) and this brings me onto my main point about the jacket:

Howies - Wrist

I’m not 100% sure who it is is marketed at. Is it a through and through riding jacket? Or is it a casual jacket that can be worn round town? Or is it commuting jacket for trips to work? After giving it a good old go up in the hills, I found the fleece lining far too warm to wear as a full on riding jacket – even with just a thin jersey underneath. As a layer to have in the bag it is spot on; it rolls down pretty small. It can be thrown in the bottom of a bag (just under the sarnies) for when you stop for lunch. To mix it up for this test, I’ve also been out for a few runs in the Lull, and if I’m honest it has been better suited for this than for riding. It has proved easier to adjust body temperature by letting more/less wind through the jacket when running rather than on the bike.

Howies - Arm

In terms of majority usage, I think the Lull is best worn walking to the pub after a ride, rather than on the ride itself – and on occasion it might get brought out for the odd run here and there. Of course, everyone is going to be slightly different, and body temperature is a very personal thing, but this is where it fits in my personal wardrobe.


Overall: After riding, running, walking and drinking in this jacket I am left slightly confused, but somehow I think it does have a place. It’s one of those jackets that you can use for anything, but I don’t know whether you should be using it for everything. It keeps the rain out, keeps the heat in and can be kept in the bag with minimal space taking. I like it; I’m just not blown away by it.

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