Nikon Goes Action-Cam

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So you’ve probably stumbled across 360 degree video- and if not,  click here for the one we did with the legendary Hans Rey.

For that we used the 360 Fly which was one the first to go to the consumer market, and to get to the point, it works pretty well if your computer and browser is up to date. It will probably only increase in popularity as viewers get used to being able to fully explore a scene, rather than being given a single point of view.

The Fly mounted
The Fly mounted

Now Japanese photography heavyweight Nikon has thrown its hat into the ever-expanding ring of immersive video capturing.

At the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas this week, Nikon announced its release of the “Key Mission 360” with the ability to record footage in shiny 4k resolution.

Waterproof? Yes. Shockproof? Yes. Foolproof? Hm.
Waterproof? Yes. Shockproof? Yes. Foolproof? Hmm.

The camera works by recording footage using two ultra-wide-angle lenses on either side, which, when pieced together, would form a full 360 degree ultra high definition video of awesomeness… hopefully!

Nikon back

It can connect to the users smartphone or PC through Bluetooth and Wifi (but to be honest, what piece of tech doesn’t nowadays?). It also features an electronic vibration reduction system that would stabilise the footage once you’ve uploaded it for editing.

It’s expected to hit the market in late March this year but no price/fancy intricate specs have been released just yet, but here’s a video with some sample footage to give you a flavour of what to expect:

Full info from Nikon here.

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