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Tool kit

As you’ll know if you’re mechanically minded, it’s not actually possible* to have too many tools. (*My husband probably disagrees.) It is, however, possible to have too many tools, yet still be lacking the one you really need – and that’s the problem this kit from purveyors of tool porn Wera aims to solve.

First, let’s have a quick run-through of the contents. There’s a short ratchet spanner, a screwdriver-style handle and a sleeved extender, which can be put together in various ways for the bits and sockets. You get a variety of Torx (10-40), hex (1.5 to 8mm and 10mm), ball-end hex (3 to 6mm), Posidrive and Phillips 1+2 screwdriver bits, and sockets in 5.5 to 13mm sizes. Wera has picked this selection because it’s what it considers to be essential bike kit – and, while there are plenty of tools in there I haven’t had chance to use yet (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a security Torx fitting on a bike), I’ve not come across any glaring omissions either.

The whole lot is housed in a tough and compact case. Though this looks to be made of fragile plastic, it’s made many trips onto a tiled kitchen floor and backyard flags without a scratch, which is impressive (and more than I can say for my Draper tool box, which has definitely seen better days).

At 490g all in, you’re not going to be chucking the whole kit in your pack for everyday riding, though it’s reasonable enough to assume that it would be useful to chuck in your bike bag (luggage restrictions permitting, ahem) on a riding holiday, or to keep in the back of the car as an emergency/away-day tool kit. However, Wera has given this some thought and supplies a neat little iPhone sized case, which houses nine of the bits and the ratchet handle, ready for use in your pack or pocket. This means you can spec your own mini tool kit.

Which nine (or fewer) bits you take is up to you – only got 5mm hex and Torx key bolts on your bike? Just take those bits, plus an 8mm for your pedals. Proud owner of the swanky Thomson stem with the irritatingly esoteric 3mm clamp bolts? Add the tool for that, too. It’s a nice idea, and the sturdy case does away with the annoyance of losing small parts on the trail/in your pack/down the pipes of the washing machine. However, although the case allows you to instantly see what’s missing from the kit, it doesn’t actually do the job of putting the bits away – so it’s not going to make lazy mechanics any tidier.

My sole quibble with this kit is with its ergonomics. The tools fit very snugly into their slots and it’s hard to slide them in and out at times. The locking catches don’t slide the way they look like they should to free the drivers, and the section of the case housing the bits doesn’t open out to a fully flat 180°, which would make it easier to use.

But let’s be honest – the main reason for owning a kit like this is that quality tools are awesome, to look at, to use and to covet. And Wera scores highly on all three counts.

Overall: Every small tool you could possibly ever need. Just add hammer and mole grips, and you’re good to wrench.


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Brand: WERA
Product: Bike Check tool kit
From: WERA, wera-tools.co.uk
Price: £82.00
Tested: by Jenn for three months

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