New Giro MIPS Helmet: The Montaro & Montara

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Giro_MontaroMontaraMIPS_ProductShotsEmail (1)A new helmet option for you, just in case your old one is dented or hugely unfashionable this month. It looks to us like a Poc influenced Giro Xen, but with MIPS inside – all positive attributes as far as we are concerned but we’ll let you know more when we actually get hold of one for proper testing.




Here’s some bullet points from the promo blurb we have here.

  • Montaro MIPS for men and Montara MIPS for women.
  • Maximum ventilation concept featuring Roc Loc Air system
  • Superior sweat management with hydrophilic pads that absorb ten times more sweat
  • Full goggle integration with P.O.V. Plus visor, as well as a GoPro/headlight mount

They’ve even published a handy promo video to go with the launch.

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    Bike Radar says £129 and in dealers from October.

    The Bank of England might be struggling with keeping inflation up, but the bike industry has it sorted.
    £129 pounds? Like, GBP, not euros?

    well, as a giro helmet fanboy, i like the look (and sound) of this a lot. no doubt i’ll get one…

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