Eurobike 2015: Haro

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Known much more for their BMX bikes and bits, Haro are also showing a new range of mountain bikes. With a variety of tyre widths and setups, the range is aimed at being affordable and within reach of the average rider. Starting with a hybrid on bouncy forks, it goes all the way up to 27.5+ full sussers.

Solum Astoria, designed as a do it all runabout that could handle a bit of XC if the mood took you.
Shift S3: Entry level, single pivot full suss.
Plenty of 27.5+ in Haro’s new range.
Shift Plus: 27.5+, XT equipped bouncer
Skinny versions of everything too.
Shift R7: If three inch rubber isn’t your kind of thing.
FLC 27.5 Pro: The only carbon bike they were showing.
Subvert HT3: Fully rigid on 50mm rims and 3.0 tyres.
Subvert HT7: Like the 3, but with Rebas and SRAM 1×11
Squish squish
For those of us who dream of hitting a line of dirtjumps, more the kind of thing you might expect from Haro.
Frame builders have seemed resistant to putting tapered headtubes on steel frames because “it looks weird”, but we’ve been seeing a few more of them about.
Steel, 26″

More from Haro here.

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