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Although Barney got to see the Habit earlier this week here in the UK, we also have a man on the ground in Germany preparing to actually ride the thing. He’s apparently currently enduring 37 degree heat, fine German BBQ and draught wheat beers on tap at Cannondale’s German centre of operations in the town of Freiberg. Oh and it’s based in the grounds of one of Germany’s finest breweries! What a hardship! However, there is method in the madness as he’s there at the European press launch and ready to ride the 120mm, oh so on trend 650b, Lefty forked, Habit.

Here in the UK, we have a bit of an obsession with longer travel bikes. Whether we actually need 160mm front and rear to have fun is debatable (we’ll resist the temptation for double entendre here) and in the Habit, Cannondale have, on paper at least, created a bike that could be ideal for a large cohort of UK riders. Not just a bike that they want but need too. He’ll be putting it properly through its paces tomorrow but an initial spin gives the impression of a fast and nimble bike that can be thrown around with ease. On first acquaintance, the Habit looks very promising indeed.


From a secret location deep in Germany…

It’s not often that you get to meet the person who has actually designed the bike you are riding but after hogging, sorry, thoroughly introducing myself to the second from top of the line Habit, resplendent in Cannondale’s trademark green and shod with both carbon Lefty fork and 23mm internal diameter bespoke Cannondale rimmed wheels that weigh in at a scant 1600 grams a pair, I found myself at the post tech briefing BBQ talking to Jeff Juarez, a tall, laid back Californian who exudes that effortless plaid shirt and flip flop wearing cool that only Americans seem to achieve, who just happens to be the engineer behind the design of the Habit range of bikes. Gamely posing for a photo beside his latest creation, he was clearly channeling Derek Zoolander. He may have been going for Blue Steel but I reckon he was hitting Magnum (for our younger readers, we ain’t talking ice cream, kidzzzzz, but one of Ben Stiller’s finest comic creations!). When asked to describe the Habit, he likened it to a reverse mullet – party at the front and business at the back. As analogies go, I am intrigued and can’t wait to hit the trails on it tomorrow.

And here’s some more pictures of that Habit

Footnote: If Jeff channeling Magnum proves to much for any of our readers of the fairer sex (or, indeed, the not so fair sex – Singletrack is, after all, a broad church) to resist, please send all cards / gifts / proposals of marriage and we’ll happily pass them on to Jeff for you.

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    Is this the (non snapping) successor to my ST4? Slightly shorter travel than most, so slightly more sprightly, lighter and slightly more engaging to ride – yet built to take a proper day out on big stuff, for giggles? I want a go….

    Ooh, that is a good looking bike. Look forward to hearing what Barney thought.

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