French Enduro Series Rd. 3 – Millau

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Here’s a nice way to start your Wednesday – top video from round three of the French Enduro Series, in the shadow of the Millau Viaduct.

Features Anne-Caro winning the women’s race, Vouilloz winning the Elite e-bike category on his Lapierre Overvolt, and then a true hero in the Open e-bike category who takes the top step and then lifts his e-bike above his head for the podium celebration. Winner!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this does not end well.

Also stars a properly horrid-looking boulder section which the videographer was clearly staking out for wince-worthy crashes (just one, but with truly sickening sound effects; 2.52), a quick glimpse at the other events in the outdoor festival the enduro is part of (parapent, slacklining, bouldering, etc.) – and of course, that bridge, which is pure engineering porn. Just us? Okay then.

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