Orbea Press Launch 2016 – Digit seatpost – VIDEO

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Well this was an unexpected surprise.

Instead of a pricey dropper post, on some of their slightly less spendy models Orbea are speccing this really rather nifty seatpost, the Digit.


Essentially, it’s a normal seatpost with a groove in the back of it. As well as keeping it in line, there are a couple of recessed bolts in there, which you use to limit upper and lower height – as they lock into a plastic tongue which is attached to the seatclamp. The clamp also has a cam action, which tightens and releases with a pleasing ‘snap’.

Pleasing ‘snap’ not pictured

It looks like it might be pretty easy to drop (and even raise) your seatpost on the fly – of course, Orbea in no way condones this sort of behaviour, but it’s the sort of thing many people without droppers do in any event.

The demo post came with a cutaway seat tube – it’s potentially completely retro-fittable

If you can’t stretch to a dropper for whatever reason (or you don’t fancy the weight – these are *much* lighter) this could be the way to go. At the moment they’ll only available on Orbea bikes later this year at a diameter of 31.6mm, but I’ll be very surprised indeed if some aftermarket ones in a range of sizes didn’t appear in the future. It’s potentially completely retro-fittable to any frame with a rear-facing clamp. That is, most of them.

Regardless, we really like the idea. We could see this replacing the regular seatpost on a lot people’s bikes in the future.

Barney had a chat in Spain to Orbea Creative Director, the awesome Jordan Hukee, who chatted us through it:

What do you think – is this for you? Let us know in the comments!

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