Another 2016 Specialized Stumpjumper – The 6Fattie

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Top of the line carbon Chubber will set you back £6500

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First, let’s talk about that name – 6Fattie. We have it on vague authority (It’s what Chipps thinks is the truth – make of that what you will) that it derives from ‘6 Fifty’ (650B wheel size). From there we get to ‘6-Fiddy’, like ‘Fiddy Cent’ the rapper. From ‘Fiddy’ we go to ‘Fattie’. Geddit?… Yeah, us neither. It’s clearly a bit US specific…

Anyway, here’s Specialized’s Chubby Stumpjumper. Can we just call them Chubbers? Or just B+?

It’s a 27.5 Stumpjumper but with Chubby tyres and chubby clearance to match. Specialized have it pegged as their Stumpy of choice if traction and grip is what you really think is important. Bigger tyres mean lower pressures, a larger footprint and ergo tons of grip. Not so great on tarmac though, obviously. To get the clearance for the 3″ Specialized Ground Control (rear) and Purgatory (front) tyres the stays are widened, which in turn leads to a Boost148 rear wheel (The only place in the Stumpjumper range you will see Boost148). The cranks are Specialized S-Works Carbon Boost148 on the top of the line S-Works model to keep the chainline in the right place too. It’s a mix of SRAM and Shimano bits for the rest of the 1×11 groupset. It’s also 1×11 all the way down to the entry level Comp model at £2500.


  • SW SJ FSR I1 CARBON 650B 6FATTIE – £6500.00
  • SJ FSR I1 EXPERT CARBON 650B 6FATTIE – £4800.00
  • SJ FSR I1 COMP CARBON 650B 6FATTIE – £3500.00
  • SJ FSR I1 COMP 650B 6FATTIE – £2500.00

The entry level Comp model comes with alloy frame, Fox 34 forks and Fox Float, Autotune shock and a drivetrain mix of Shimano Deore and SRAM GX level 11 speed bits. The other three models above it switch to carbon frames although all have an alloy rear triangle. The fork on all models are from Fox’s Plus range with 110mm axle width.

Spec sheet for the 6Fattie




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