Fresh Goods Friday 224

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Welcome to the second of 2015s Fresh Goods Fridays! It’s been quite a quiet week here in the office, as various people assuage 9-day-old hangovers with more sloe gin. For some reason this isn’t working, but it doesn’t stop us trying. Anyway, onward! Here are some bike things we think you might like to look at…

Orange Segment


We know the frame and bits have already appeared in Fresh Goods, but complete bikes are fun to look at, and complete assemblages looks just as fresh as the kit they’re made from. Chipps’ Big Red has been festooned (great word, that – should be used more often) with a Fabric saddle, Stan’s Valor carbon wheels (mmm), a KS stealth dropper post and Marzocchi 44 forks complementing a SRAM X1 drivetrain.


It’s also got a Vredestein Bobcat front tyre, and a Maxxis Ardent rear. It’s now running a supershort Renthal Apex stem.

Segment. Yes, yes it is.

Price: Frame from £1500. Total bike: more than that.

From: Orange, and loads of other people.

Giro New Road Ride Crew

‘What more do you WANT from me?” wails Patrick. We’re going to keep him guessing.

In for a Merino jerseys mag grouptest are a couple of tasty morsels from Giro’s New Road range. This one is the Ride Crew. Looks like a t-shirt from the front, but it’s got handy stowage pockets at the back.

Price: £69.99

Giro New Road Ladies Jersey


75% Merino construction, raglan sleeves, 3 pockets and contrast side panels. Sweet.

Price: £99.99

Both from: Zyro

Mavic Stratos gloves


Black and yellow hand-protection from Mavic. Complete with silicon finger grips and no padding for maximum bar feel. We have no idea why they’re holding a lucky cat in this picture. It looks just as confused as we are.

Price: £37.99

Mavic Crossmax LS Jersey

“Can I take this off now?”

Tom looks petulant in the enthusiastically coloured and rather spiffing looking Crossmax LS jersey. It’s rammed with ‘optimal freedom of movement, comfort and breathability.’

Price: £54.99

Both from: Mavic

Bike Thrones Saddles


‘For your royal arse’ apparently. Mine’s more of a prole I suspect, unfortunately.

Price: US$99 including shipping.

From: Bikethrones

That’s it for this week – we’re loading the bikes into the van and heading to high ground… See you next week – happy trails!

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Comments (11)

    A pick n’ mix Gyro Mk2, a £70 T shirt and some hideous saddles. Boooooo.

    Plus gloves from Morrisons…

    What is the stem on the Segment? It looks like a Shimano Pro but I can’t see any clamping bolts.

    The stem on the Segment is a Tharsis from Pro.

    Aesthetically, that Segment looks a mess, especially considering the price of the components.

    Disclaimer: I understand bikes are to be ridden, not looked at – although I would expect both for the money.

    It’s one of the first bikes I’ve had where nearly everything is a similar colour, Rob. What is it about it that offends you?

    Oh, so it’s to replace your gyro? Having already had one in the office, definitely better, or just a new shiney toy? 😀

    I think it’s the white forks – people are used to seeing stealth’d out Pikes or Foxes in magazine shoots these days? I guess with a squint they look a little like Sektors.

    Looks like a bike that someone will actually ride, rather than spend a lifetime fussing around with helitape.

    I really like the segment; aesthetically like…nicely balanced.

    I agree with Tom, I think its the forks and the stem.
    Silver stanchions with black crown on white forks just looks cheap.

    The stem has now been replaced with one with the recommended length of 35mm. The forks are probably going to change, depending on what’s on test. Initial ride has been good – though my legs would like a smaller chainring for starters.

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