Valley boy Dan meets the alpine Kona Launch 2014

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Ah the press launch. The perfect opportunity to leave the office, relax and ride bikes. The perfect time to say “it’s work and not a holiday”, when in reality drinking and riding your bike is a holiday.

Lets have some reflective time
Lets have some reflective time

This trip in particular will always be remembered, why? Because it was my first press launch. In fact I rarely ever leave ‘The Valley’ so to say I was excited was an understatement. The venue for the much anticipated occasion was high in the Austrian Alps. A very scenic resort with a fresh bike park was picked, it went by the name of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

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As well as being the best trail I have ridden, the overall atmosphere and vibe was brilliant. A group of 15 riders who had only just met, but who all came together over the love of mountain biking. Following each other down the trail, all trying to go faster than the person in front. Supporting each other as they got rowdy, or if there was a rider down they were taken care of. A true feeling of a different family, that every few months comes back together to spend more time riding new bikes and trails, making stories and reminiscing about the times before. The Journo Wolfpack.

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Thanks to Kona Bikes for the invite

All photos by Ale Di Lullo and Joonas Vinnari



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