Nukeproof 2015: blastproof bling

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Hondarribia is a very picturesque place, an hour and a bit north of Bilbao. It is home to Basque MTB, a small guiding outfit run by an expat Scotsman called Doug, and it woke up one morning last week to find itself besieged by European journalists and Nukeproof-type staff. They wanted to tell us some things about their new 2015 range.

They had a lot to talk about.

First up – the all new hardtail:

Nukeproof Scout

Dib, dib – and let’s not be coy about it – dib.

The Scout is an all new hardtail, which has similar angles and is pitched similarly to the rest of the range – so it’s long, low and capable. It’s got 27in wheels, a 150mm fork up front, long top-tubes and a 66º head angle. It comes in two flavours: the cheaper Race, with Deore and a Rockshox Sektor fork, is available at £1299.99; the pictured Comp is yours for £1599.99 with SRAM X7 and a Rockshox Revelation up front. Neither of them have skimped on the tyres – they’re both shod with Hans Dampfs at 2.35, in front or rear specific compounds. If you’d like you build your own, there’s also a frame-only option at £349.99.

SRAM DB5 brakes

Other nice features include a rear Maxle, low standover, a replaceable dropout which also includes the Maxle threads, and some sturdy-looking machined bits and pieces..

Nice sturdy looking piece of metalwork, that.

Nukeproof Mega TR


The Mega TR is billed as the most versatile bike in the range. It’s running on 27.5in wheels, has 130mm at rear and 150mm up front, and is now available as  a new entry-level model for £1999.99 – the Comp, with a Rockshox Sektor and the all-new Nukeproof OKLO dropper (see later). The range goes up to £2999.99 for a machine with a Monarch RT3 rear shock and a Revelation fork, running SRAM X0-1 1×11 bits and SRAM guide brakes. It’s also available as a frame-only with either RockShox or Cane Creek bouncy bits for £1249.99 or £1449.99 respectively.

Nukeproof OKLO

the OKLO

Available in 100mm drop on the bikes, or at 120mm aftermarket, the OKLO is a coil sprung, cable activated dropper. It costs £179.99.

Cable activated, and a tidy looking seat clamp

It’s only available in 31.6 for now, but keep’em peeled…

The activation lever felt light and comfy in the car-park challenge…

Nukeproof Mega AM

Mega AM The Nukeproof AM is – as you might be able to tell from the name – an All-Mountain slayer. With 160mm of travel both ends, it boasts Pikes and Rockshox Monarch shocks of various different denominations depending on how much booty you splurge. £2499.99 for the Comp gets you a OKLO dropper, a Pike RC and a Monarch + R, plus a SRAM X7 2×10 groupset. The Pro gives you a SRAM X0-1 groupset, Pike RCT3 fork and Monarch + RCT3 shock plus a Rockshox Reverb dropper post. Frames are £1299.99 for a Rockshox clad one, or £1599.99 for one with a Cane Creek.

NukeProof Pulse

Pulse The Pulse – the DH bike in the Nukeproof canon – remains firmly planted on 26in wheels for this year. It has a longer front centre than in previous years, and comes with plenty of well-thought out kit. The £2599.99 Pulse Comp gets a Boxxer Race fork, a Kage RC shock, and plenty of all-branded bombproof kit. £3599.99 gets a Boxxer Team fork, a Vivid R2C shock, and lots of top-tier kit including SRAM guide RSC brakes, and X0-1 gearing. It’s also available as Cane Creek or Rock Shox clad frame, for £1799.99 or 1999.99 respectively.

More info from Nukeproof.




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