Eurobike 2014: Schwalbe Procore Dual Chamber Tyre

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Schwalbe has developed a MTB tyre that features dual air chambers that it claims pretty much eliminates both pinches and burps.

The outer chamber is filled with blue stuff only for demo purposes. That's the tubeless low pressure chamber.
The outer chamber is filled with blue stuff only for demo purposes. That’s the tubeless low pressure chamber.

It works by having a smaller air chamber that sits in the well of the rim with the space between that and the tyre being used as a conventional tubeless system. The inner chamber is designed to be inflated to a pinch-preventing high pressure while allowing the outer chamber to work as a low pressure tubeless system for lots of grip.

So impressed were the folks with the powers at Eurobike that it won an award for being really quite a neat idea.


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    Idiot identifying question probably but I’ll ask any how,:

    How do you inflate a tyre to 0.8bar I.e. Quite a bit less than 1atm which I’m not mistaken is normal air pressure?

    I’m not sure quite how revolutionary it is, there’s been the TUbliss system for offroad motorcycles for while now. It’s so similar that I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of collaboration.

    Not tried it myself, but am keen as mousses are a pain in the butt to install.

    Great if you want to pay £150 for 2 inner tubes!!!

    It’s expensive. But could still be considered good value if it transforms the way a bike rides.
    I find if I’m immune to punctures, I ride differently too.
    It could easily make as much difference as changing a shock, for example.

    dangeourbrain – gauge pressure, not absolute. So, relative to atmospheric pressure which for most applications is how pressure is measured. The gauge on a track pump reads zero with no tube attached, but it’s clearly not in an absolute vacuum.

    Not that I’m a weight weenie, but that looks like a heavy solution to me?

    Standard tubeless Schwalbe are puncture proof enough without extending your debt to furnish this?

    One for the pro downhillers really – how many runs this season have been ruined by punctures, if this system eliminates that then as a pro you’d need to be on them.

    Loving the sarcasm Chris_db

    Seems like a great idea to me, as I understand, you can use any tyre too, is that right.?

    This isn’t a new idea by any means.Goodyear tried double chamber tubes in the 1950’s for cars.

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