Midweek Mini Movies 206

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Mo’ Movies mo’ of the time.

Tune in, brew on, feet up and slack off it’s time for Midweek Mini Movies…



A little feel good bike porn for the weekend. Whatever the conditions.. its worth getting out there.
Mystery rider on Local Valais single track.
Camera and edit by Gitgo
Song by Likke Li
so… Go ride your bike.

EWS France round 3 Inside the Rally Team


EWS France round 3 Inside the Rally Team at Valloire Galibier.

Ride More Rochdale

Ride More is about all the great places there are to ride bikes in Rochdale borough, whatever kind of bike you ride. So just #ridemore.

2015 FOX 36: Lars Sternberg Getting His Braap On!

Inspired by our motocross roots. Made for today’s Enduro racing.  Check out the totally redesigned FOX 36

I am Specialized – Anneke Beerten

Anneke Beerten’s passion for cycling began early in her life, and has taken her from training wheels to a World Championship. Following an extensive career in BMX, 4-Cross, and Downhill, her switch to Enduro racing is the perfect platform to highlight her world-class bike-handling. As a member of Specialized Racing’s Enduro program, she’s quickly positioned herself as a top contender on the sport’s biggest stage.

Harry Heath – Five

Orange Dirt World Team rider Harry Heath spends most of his time racing downhill on his Orange 322. But on those days where he just fancies a spin out on local trails he takes the Five. By spin we mean road gaps, tyre tearing corners and all kinds of nasty, but fun, stuff. Enjoy.

For more on the Five take a look at:

On Track With Curtis Keene – GMT Pt 2 – Ep 5

We’re back in beautiful Scotland at the Tweedlove Festival where hometown hero Joe Barnes shows everyone how to properly ride Scottish terrain. Meanwhile, 2014 champ Jerome Clementz watches his chance at a second title go away while Curtis hopes to finish in the top 10 with the help of his new Black Box Project.

Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company – Behind the Intro Shoot

Brandon and the film crew take us behind the scenes at Capsule Labs analogue sound studio in Los Angeles, CA where the intro of Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company was shot. Brandon explains their vision of creating an audio/visual mixtape that fades in an out of an underground radio station, and what they did to make it a reality.

Ride.io Shimano BDS 2014 Round 4 Llangollen, Supported by X-Fusion & Pivot

Gee Milner once again produces the goods from the weekends steep gnarly national at Llangollen. Ride IO Shimano BDS 2014 Round 4 Llangollen presented by: X-Fusion xfusionshox.com/ Pivot Cycles pivotcycles.co.uk/

Filip Polc’s AMAZING Winning Run at Batislava City Downhill World Tour | Polcster’s Ride, Ep. 3

Filip Polc threw down an amazing race at the Bratislava City Downhill World Tour, and holy balls, it’s incredibly fast. His screaming run through tight corridors, over massive jumps, and through crowds of people makes this an incredibly enthralling run. Absolutely insane mountain bike race, even better run.

Shimano BDS Llangollen CRASH REEL

Some wild racing yesterday at Llangollen, nipped out with the camera for a bit to capture some carnage! Another great event.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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