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A further step towards 1×10 crisp shifting? OneUp Components release the RAD cage to tweak Shimano derailleurs. Here’s their press release…
At OneUp Components we’re committed to developing the best possible 1×10 drivetrain solutions at a cost that everyone can afford. We want to Work Less and Ride More. That’s not just some throw away tagline, it’s something we strongly believe in.

That cage is RAD
That cage is RAD

After launching the original 42T adapter sprocket and the only application specific 16T, the OneUp RAD Cage is the next step in achieving flawless wide range 1×10 accessible to everyone.
The RAD cage is a replacement outer cage for Shimano GS (medium cage) clutch rear derailleurs, that dramatically improves shifting performance of any extended range Shimano 10x drivetrain. Combined with our 40/42T and 16T adapter sprockets it is the complete, no compromise Shimano 1X10 solution.

RAD Benefits

–          Dramatically improves shifting performance for Shimano derailleurs*

– Tuning your derailleur to achieve perfect shifting with an 11-42 is now much easier

–          Requires stock B-Screw length and adjustment (No more removing washers or reversing B-Screws)

–          Improves chain wrap and extends cassette life

–          Installs in under 15 minutes – checkout the install video for full details

*Compatible with all Shimano GS (medium cage) Shadow+ clutch rear derailleurs

Typically stock Shimano derailleurs don’t perform as well as Sram offerings when paired with wide range 11-42 cassettes.  This is due to derailleur architecture.  The extra B-screw needed to clear the 42T means the upper pulley is further from the cogs in the lower end of the cassette.  Shifting therefore can be slower and less responsive here.

RAD Design

The key feature of the OneUp RAD (Radial Appositioned Derailleur) cage is that the upper pulley wheel has been moved rearward of the cage pivot to optimize the derailleur for larger sprockets. As the derailleur moves into larger sprockets the top pulley wheel automatically moves away to adjust the chain gap, no longer relying on just B-Screw.

The B-Screw tension needed for an 11-40 or 11-42 cassette with RAD

Cage is about the same as is required when using a stock Shimano derailleur and 11-36.

Additionally the top pulley now sits above the cage pivot closer to the cassette, when in the lower end of the cassette (11T,13T,16T)  resulting in much crisper shifting and more chain wrap.

Green or Black?
Green or Black?


Price:  $35  (In stock and available now at

Includes taxes and duties in the US and EU.  Shipping is free worldwide for all orders of $70 or more.

Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Weight: 26g

Colour: Black

Compatibility: Shimano GS (medium cage) Shadow+ 10spd clutch rear derailleurs

Deore (RD-M615 GS)

SLX (RD-M675 GS)

XT (RD-M786 GS)

XTR (RD-M985/RD-M986 GS)

OneUp Components – Work less ride more.

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    Not running a one-up rear sprocket but that looks quite cool – can I have one in gold please?!

    I’m running a 42/16t One-Up and the sloppy shifting caused by the need to screw the b in so far is jolly annoying. If this fixes it I’m in…

    IMO Shimano goofed making the new XTR 11 speed instead of sorting out the range on 10 speed. On the upside, it seems OneUp are on it and flourishing because of it.

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