Robert Axle Project marries trailers to thru axles

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What about BOB?

Time for trail work!
Time for trail work!

As spring turns to summer and our thoughts turn toward adventure, many of us with newer frames are realising that we no longer have the ability to hitch trailers to our rides.  The Robert Axle Project has heard our collective palm-to-forehead slaps and decided to come to the rescue.

BOBbin-friendly screw-thru axle
BOBbin-friendly screw-thru axle

With a name that would be perfect for a prog-rock band, The Robert Axle Project is a US-based group manufacturing rear thru axles that are compatible with yoke and single-sided trailers.  Models are available to fit RockShox Maxle, Syntace, DT Swiss and Fox/Shimano standards- a range that covers much of the market.  Installed by running a mini tool or screwdriver through a perpendicular hole, the axles accept kiddie trailer-style single-side hitches or dual-sided BOB bobbins.

Now there's no excuse for leaving the children behind
Now there’s no excuse for leaving the children behind

CNC machined in Oregon, USA, Robert Axle Project axles are built from 7075 aluminum and their ends from stainless steel.  Elsewhere in the range, the company makes screw-thru axles for trainer use as well as a clean looking bolt-on version for weight-saving tidiness.  Products are available direct from the US from $52-57 (£31-34).  Rather steep international postage might make this a good candidate for a Singletrackworld forum group buy…

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