The Rockshox Bluto; suspension just got fat

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If you’ve read the Rocky Mountain Blizzard news, you’ll have seen the cat was let out of the bag on Rockshox new fatbike suspension fork; the Bluto.

We now know it’s tapered steerer, 80mm,100mm or 120mm Solo Air 26″ fork that has a 15x150mm Maxle Lite to accommodate wider fat bike specific front hubs. With 32mm upper tubes you’ll also be able to use new Black Bottomless Tokens to tune your spring rate similar to current SID, Reba and Revelations.

With Fatbikes currently evolving into full suspension bikes it’s going to be interesting to see where these bikes are going to end up being ridden…

Hello Bluto
Hello Bluto

Where’s the news straight from Rockshox…


You’ve probably observed more and more riders are on bikes that look “different” on your trails. Bikes that have wheels and tires of gigantic proportion – and we’re not talking about 29ers here. The thing is, even though fat bikes were first created to float on top of snow and sand, they’re just too damn fun not to ride on dirt. So how do you amplify your fat bike adventures even further? With a supercharged, ultra efficient, first of its kind fat suspension fork called BLUTO. We started with the features you’ve come to love from RockShox: Rapid Recovery rebound, Fast Black aluminium upper tubes, the infinitely tunable Solo Air spring, stout 15mm Maxle Lite, remote or crown adjustable damper, and tapered steerer tube. Then, the chassis got the fat treatment by reengineering it to meet the unique needs of fat tires and wheels. Everything from crown, to arch, to axle has been optimized to tackle the increased torsional loads of its wide stance. With more traction and control than ever before, you’ll never be happier you went fat.

Specs: Bluto

  • Model: RL
  • Wheel Size: 26”
  • Travel (mm): 80/100/120mm
  • Steerer: Tapered
  • Offset: 51mm
  • Axle: 15×150 Maxle Lite
  • Damper Adjust: Crown or Remote (PushLoc)
  • Spring: Solo Air
  • Colour: Black, White (OE only), Diffusion Black (OE only)
  • Target Weight: 1796g (3.96 lb)
  • MSRP: Crown/Remote $643/$711- 572€/632€

RockShox Bottomless Tokens

that bottomless feeling

Easily tune your air volume in RS-1, Reba, SID, and Revelation

Tokens thread in to topcaps just like they do in PIKE

Black tokens designed to work in 32mm upper tubes

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