Promax DP-1 dropper post cable wrangler

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Tidy seat clamp that tidies dropper cables too

Holds seatpost, guides cable
Holds seatpost, guides cable

It’s nice to come across a product that is reasonably priced, lightweight, and does exactly what it’s meant to.  Promax’s DP-1 seat collar is nothing revolutionary, but useful all the same.  A seat clamp with an easily positioned dropper post cable guide, the DP-1 does two things: holds seatposts and guides flappy dropper post cables.

Simple solution for common problem
Simple solution for common problem

The DP-1 performs both functions without complaint.  The seat clamp’s angled slot and non-binding barrel are kind to aluminium and carbon frames. The nylon cable guide, held in place by a pair of tiny screws, can be positioned as needed in slots on either side of the clamp.  Those tiny screws are a bit fiddly and can crack the nylon if over-tightened, but once set even a cracked guide has guided our dropper cable without binding or moving for the better part of a year.

The price (£10/$15) and weight (25g) are reasonable and black, gold, red, and blue annodised colours are available.  If a Stealth-style internally-routed post is purchased, the guide can be removed altogether.  35mm diameter only, to suit most dropper-friendly frames.

Review Info

Brand: Promax
Product: DP-1
From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure
Price: £TBC/$15
Tested: by Marc B for Seven Months

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