Thieves make off with Lampre-Merida bikes and cars

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Team Lampre-Merida robbed of 111 bikes, seeks help

Have you seen me?
Have you seen me?

Stealing bikes – even road bikes – isn’t cool.  If anyone comes across a ‘too good to be true’ deal on a road bike in colours that would put an Enduro racer to shame, please check the details and serial numbers listed below and contact the authorities as appropriate.  The same goes for a similarly-painted team vehicle or two.  As flush as pro teams may seem, this sort of massive theft hurts the entire industry, and sponsors from across the industry are no doubt feeling the loss this week.  There are one-hundred eleven bikes listed as stolen, so they’re bound to pop up somewhere.

TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA’s headquarters located close to Milano had some highly unwelcome visitors the past weekend. Thieves carried away a number of characteristically painted team bikes, assorted parts and even two of the team’s cars. Now the team is asking for help to find the stolen goods.

Don't say "Warptt," do say "Warp TT"
The bikes may be funny-
but crime is no joke.

A lot of equipment was stolen when thieves broke in at TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA’s headquarters last weekend: A number of team bikes from MERIDA’s “Warp TT”, “Scultura SL”, “Reacto EVO” und “Ride Pro” series and painted in the team’s characteristic colours have disappeared (see photos and the list of the stolen bikes including the frame sizes and frame codes for details).

Apart from the complete team bikes, the thieves also stole various Fulcrum carbon wheels in team colours, electronic Dura Ace Di2 groups from Shimano, saddles from Selle San Marco, various carbon parts from FSA and power meters from SRM, Rotor and Garmin. Apart from that, some office equipment and two of TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA’s cars were stolen as well,

merida_reactoevo_smallThis is quite a blow for the team both in terms of money and logistics, as the preparations for the next season are in full swing already. MERIDA and the team are asking for help in the search for the stolen bikes. These team-issue bikes can easily and unambiguously get identified using the frame numbers that are listed in this report’s attachment.

Whoever has got information about the whereabouts of the stolen goods is being asked to get in touch with TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA as soon as possible: You can do so either by sending a mail to or by giving a phone call to +39 335-6217725.

Full list of models stolen, serial numbers
1 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897577H M
2 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897553H S
3 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC880062J L
4 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897541H M
5 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897427H S
6 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897404H S
7 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897422H M
8 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897428H S
9 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897529H S
10 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897412H S
11 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897536H L
12 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897579H S
13 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC880085J L
14 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC880069J L
15 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897545H S
16 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC890165H L
17 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897571H S
18 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897572H S
19 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897531H L
20 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897561H M
21 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897359H S
22 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897445H M
23 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897560H S
24 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC881486J S
25 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897423H S
26 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897408H S
27 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897548H S
28 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897558H S
29 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897557H M
30 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC897550H M
31 Merida WARP TT TEAM WC880063J L
32 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898189H S
33 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898200H S
35 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898160H M-L
37 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897433H S
39 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897407H M-L
40 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897552H S-M
41 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897465H S
42 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897547H S-M
43 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC880369J S-M
44 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897421H S
45 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC880264J S
46 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898201H S
47 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898192H S
49 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897928H L
50 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898198H M-L
51 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC898163H S
53 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897410H S-M
54 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897551H S
55 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897556H S
56 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC880244J L
57 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897539H S-M
58 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC880348J S-M
59 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897417H L
60 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897559H S-M
62 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897920H L
63 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897409H L
64 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897392H M-L
65 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC880365J S
66 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC897558H S
67 Merida SCULTURA SL TEAM WC880002J L
68 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880071J S
69 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880093J S-M
70 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880192J M-L
71 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880079J S
72 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880058J S
73 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880139J M-L
74 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880102J S
75 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880181J M-L
76 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880129J M-L
77 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880128J S-M
78 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880077J S
79 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880123J M
80 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC898316H M
81 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880072J S
82 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880204J S
83 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880089J S
84 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880196J XS
85 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880239J XS
86 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880153J L
87 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880066J L
88 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880307J M-L
89 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880084J S
90 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880115J M-L
91 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880106J M-L
92 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880203J XS
93 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880402J L
94 Merida REACTO EVO TEAM WC880180J XS
98 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880050J S
99 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880021J S
100 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880034J L
101 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880117J L
102 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880118J S-M
103 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880225J L
104 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880024J L
105 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880021J S
106 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880049J S-M
107 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880011J M
108 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880013J M
109 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880026J S-M
110 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880010J S-M
111 Merida RIDE PRO TEAM WC880025J L

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