Festive Goods Friday – Part 1

by 17

In a fit of uncharacteristic enthusiasm we, perhaps rashly, decided to express the festive gift ideas we’ve been sent this week through the medium of video. This is part one and we’ll be having a go at part two next week.

We present our tribute to shopping channels everywhere…

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Comments (17)

    i love Heston and dolly parton…nice one.

    What’s with the “Cock Sock” ?

    I approve of the Jon Woodhouse memorial plaque on the desk.

    “Cock sock” – it’s a hen

    Cx fun
    Mtb even more fun…

    Chips looking disturbingly like Bono in that Beanie hat!

    Well… That was… Certainly… I mean…yes…

    That’s exactly what we were going for

    do cowel and the Irish twit know about this “talent”?

    Best. Thing. Ever. More. Please. 🙂

    love the GoPro Beer cam – thats by far the best present there on the video, clearly, exactly, definitely, by far

    This has to be the future for all Fresh Goods Fridays – loved it!

    Yep, all product reviews should be conducted by Dave in drag with cheesy lift musac playing in the background….

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