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Keeper of the Peak is, as the name suggests, a sort of mountain bike caretaking service for trails in the Peak District; it connects riders with updates on trail conditions via the convenient medium of Twitter. So as the weather takes a turn for winter and the bogs are audibly deepening, we thought we’d have a quick 140-character chat with @KoftheP and give you a quick introduction…

Is this the mysterious KoftheP? Or  is it just one of the 10.1 million visitors* the Peak District receives every year?

ST: Who or what is Keeper of the Peak?
KoftheP: It’s a Twitter feed for riders in the Peak District. Sharing live(ish) trail updates to help plan rides+protect the peak from MTB damage

How does it work?
Simple: riders ride, tweet where they’ve been and the condition of the trail to @KoftheP, and we RT it. It’s like traffic news for the Peak!

Why use Twitter, and not a more involved social media platform like Facebook?
Anonymity and time. It’s all about the updates – not the person doing them and Twitter keeps things quick, easy and to the point.

Why should mountain bikers get involved?
Ever ridden Cut Gate in the wet? KoftheP helps you avoid the gloop and can help reduce MTB damage when the weather turns typically British.

When it’s good, it’s very very good (and when it’s bad, it’s horrid…)

Is it just for locals or can visitors to the area contribute too?
If you ride the Peak or want to ride there, get involved. More followers = more tweets = more info on trails for the riders.

Do you think it would work in other areas of the UK? Or is it just because the Peaks are so well traveled?
I reckon we can all play a part in protecting where we ride. I’m sure a @KoftheLakes or @KoftheQuantocks would work just as well!

Are you getting paid to do this?
Haha! Sadly not! It’s just my way of doing my bit for the Peak. I could do with something to cover the data costs on my mobile though…

What’s your favourite Peak District ride?
Mickleden Edge on Cut Gate, Coldwell Clough, Cavedale or the classic Gores Descent on Ladybower. At night. I should do more White Peak…!

Tea, coffee or something else?
Guatemalan coffee in the morning, a good cup of tea in the afternoon, a pint of ale post ride and 18 year old single malt as a night cap :o)

So that’s what Keeper of the Peak does. Give it a follow – we can see ourselves using it not just to avoid the boggy bits when we’re planning a ride, but also to find out when the midwinter classics like Cut Gate are finally frozen and worth the trip south. And of course we’ll try and remember to tweet our own updates to @KoftheP when we visit, too.

Get involved with @KoftheP and stop this happening to your local trails!

* Yes, really.

Pictures thanks to @KoftheP and Jenn Hopkins.

Jenn Hill was the deputy editor here at Singletrack up until her untimely death from Lung Cancer in October 2015. She was and remains an inspiration to us all here at Singletrack. Jenn Hill - 1977-2015

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    Sounds like a really useful thing to do.. Not all of the Peak Disctrict is rocky or well drained and I’ve tried riding over Cut Gate in the winter only to turn back half way after finding the trail several feet deep in snow drifts.

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