Thowback Thursday 5: Trans Cambrian Adventure

by Tom Alker 0

From Singletrack Issue 30Acr281269400198426034

Words and pics: Cris Bloomfield

Three riders enjoy three days of epic riding across the width of Wales

Last year I was too busy to even think about riding. To compensate, this year I decided to do something about it and book in some big rides including an Alpine epic. It seemed a little foolhardy to go into such a big ride without at least getting a good base mileage laid down, so I managed to coax a couple of friends into joining me on a Trans Cambrian Adventure. Paul is a good friend and former corporate colleague; we’ve raced as team-mates together many times. The other, Tyrrell, moved over from South Africa six months ago and bought his first mountain bike a mere six weeks before the start of the ride.

With B&B accommodation booked up ahead, the plan was that all we would need to carry was food and kit for three days of riding. There were some logistics involved in getting to the start in Knighton and then getting back to the start from Machynlleth at the end.

TFI Friday
A day off from work gives me time to do the much needed faffing at home in preparation for three days away. Eventually I get my act together and mark the route on the map sheets. This was quite a challenge because I based it all on a black and white photocopied A4 map out of an issue of IMBA UK’s Trails magazine. There is at least one sketchy bit I have to check out on the Ordnance Survey website. I’m glad I did because it would have resulted in us getting very off course if we’d taken the wrong turn.

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