Singletrack Magazine Issue 77 Cover & Contents

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After many late nights, numerous lashings in autumnal downpours and a fair few miles on the bike, Singletrack Issue 77 is done! As is traditional we’ve brought you a sneaky peek beforehand, but the real deal is now finished and streaming off the printing presses ready to head out to subscribers, bikeshops and the high street come the 25th October. Now’s your chance to check out what’s going to be contained within its 148 heavyweight pages…


Autumn is ace - shot by Dan Barham

“Most of the time, I’ll head out with a specific vision for a shot I want, or at least a rough idea I’d like to shoot. This one’s a little different – technically I was in the Yukon on vacation, but had smuggled a small SLR into my pack – after all, you never know when you’ll come across a scene like this one, on Montana mountain, thirty minutes outside of Whitehorse. Sylvain Turcotte navigates the rocks and fireweeds of ‘Upper Tin Cup’.”

Dan Barham.


Trails on the island of the White Mountain

Not all of our contributors have English as a first language but that doesn’t stop them writing great stories about riding. Here’s an unedited excerpt from Dominika Skonieczna and Daniel Klawczyński’s story on Tenerife.

“Savouring with a long-ago-seen sun and a temperature of 24-26 Celsius degrees we bask on the rocks like geckoes. We don’t give a damn about anything. Corporations, work and stuff like that we left almost 5000km away from here. We’ve been dreaming about a moment like that! Simply a paradise! The punchline we make by having a nice ride down to a small ocean bay, where we can admire the local chicks. Some are laying straight as the Mother Nature created them. But we keep the distance – we don’t want to scare away them.”

Singletrack Issue 77

9/ Editorial.
Chipps is late for his own column again.

10/ Race Head: Enduro Eire.
What’s racing’s New Black really like, then? We stuck Jenn on a boat to Dublin to partake in a pint-sized trail-riding love-in.

20/ Big Column: X Marks The Spot.
Benji puts the map-work in to find new trails. And then he keeps quiet about them. It’s for your own good.

22/ Stat Of The Art: Handlebars.
How wide is too wide? decides.

24/ Column: Rolling With The Dice.
Dom Perry wonders what qualifies a rider to be up a mountain on his own. It certainly takes more than possession of a map.

26/ Tech Talk: Reach & Stack.
How do you find the right size bike, and how do you know when you’ve found it? Chipps wields the tape measure with Turner, Transition and friends.

30/ Column: 300 Holidays.
Matt Wragg muses on the fine art of working as hard as you play.

32/ Jewel Of The Isle: The Dalesman, Gargrave.
Rice pudding and log fires. What’s not to like?

36/ International Travel: Tenerif-fic.
Dominika Skonieczna and Daniel Klawczynski tackle the Canary Islands.

48/ We Work Here: Pearce Cycles.
Bike shops, race courses, world-famous downhillers and custom uplift trailers – all in a day’s work for Dave and Lindsey Pearce. Benji finds out what makes them tick.

58/ Classic Ride: Macclesfield Forest.
There’s some really nice riding under Manchester airport’s flight path. Jenn goes exploring on the edge of the Peak District.

68/ The Big Feature: Getting High.

Hey Sharon A! We muse on the pull of the mountains...

It’s hard work, it’s legal and it’s every bit as addictive as the title might lead you to expect. Dave Anderson and friends discuss what draws them to the mountains.

82/ A Question Of Fitness: One In The Oven.
This issue the panel offers advice (and congratulations) to a mountain biking mum-to-be.

86/ Subscribe to Singletrack!
Subscriptions to Singletrack start at just £2/month. Here’s how you join in the fun.

88/ Interview: Joe Murray.
Fond of Kona and old-school VooDoo? Then you owe a debt to Joe Murray, but he’s more than just a bike designer. Chipps talks history, testing and Skunkworks.

100/ Bike Test: Lakes Lovers.


A bike for the Lakes?

We took a trio of full bouncers for a blat around the Cumbrian fells to try to shed some light on that perennial favourite question of the Singletrack forum: “What bike for the Lakes?”.

112/ Through the Grinder.
Shiny things made gradually less shiny until they are worn out/broken/boring.

  • Shimano SLX M666 brakes
  • Easton Havoc 35mm bars and stem
  • Lezyne Carbon 10 multitool
  • Asgard Cycle Storage Shed
  • Crank Brothers Kronolog seatpost
  • Endura Downhill shorts
  • Madison Stratos pack jacket
  • Rokbed v3 iPhone case & bike mount.
  • Kinesis Maxlight IX rigid 29er fork
  • Marzocchi 55 RC3 EVO Ti forks
  • X-Fusion Vector Air HLR rear shock

122/ Grinder Bikes: Singular Buzzard and Turner 5-Spot.
It’s ginger bike month at Singletrack. Chipps and Jamie review their current rides.

130/ Grouptest: 29in Tyres.
Fourteen tyres for wagon wheels. We know wagon wheels don’t usually have tyres, that’s not the point.

  • Schwalbe Hans Dampf Pacestar 2.35
  • Schwalbe Hans Dampf Trailstar 2.35
  • Kenda Small Block Eight DTC 2.1
  • Kenda Nevegal DTC SCT 2.2
  • Maxxis Ikon EXC 2.2
  • Maxxis Ardent EXO 2.4
  • Panaracer Driver 29er Pro 2.2
  • Continental X King 2.4
  • Geax Saguaro 2.2
  • On-One Smorgasbord Trail Extreme 2.25
  • WTB Bronson TCS 2.2
  • Bontrager 29-4 Team Issue 2.3
  • Panaracer Comet HardPack 2.1
  • Schwalbe Racing Ralph EVO Pacestar 2.2

140/ Premier Listings.
Proud owner of a Singletrack Premier Card? This is what it gets you. Not got a Premier Card yet? Find out how to get one!

146/ We Just Work Here.
Who does what, how to get in touch, what helped this issue on its way and who we’d like to thank.

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