Singletrack Issue 77 Cover Wallpaper

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Straight from the glassy electronic eye of superstar bike photographer Dan “l’homme” Barham, we’ve got the beautiful cover image that adorns Issue 77 ready for you to download and brighten up your desktop for the next six weeks.

Shot while he was riding on holiday in the Yukon with Boréale Mountain Biking, it was one of just a few images he took on the trip – but we think he’s managed to capture the changing of the seasons and the slow drift towards autumn rather well.

Yukon do it! Shot by Dan Barham -

“Most of the time, I’ll head out with a specific vision for a shot I want, or at least a rough idea I’d like to shoot. This one’s a little different – technically I was in the Yukon on vacation, but had smuggled a small SLR into my pack – after all, you never know when you’ll come across a scene like this one, on Montana mountain, thirty minutes outside of Whitehorse. Sylvain Turcotte navigates the rocks and fireweeds of ‘Upper Tin Cup’.”

Dan Barham

Dan Barham Photography

Photography buffs will be interested to hear that it was shot on the new 40mm Canon pancake lens. Dan reckons it could well be the first international cover shot taken with the lens. So there.

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To find out more about the magazine take a look at what’s inside Issue 77 here


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