Midweek Mini Movies 118

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Welcome to this week’s video distraction – and what a pick we have. UK trials legend Martyn Ashton puts the young pretenders in their place, the youth of today get extremely stoked, Cam Zink and his adamantium legs at the Rampage, and a load more. Get your dunking biscuits ready…

Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

Martyn Ashton is the Chuck D of mountain bike trials, a less wrinkly Yoda to the modern Skywalkers, having left a trail of trials hoppers in his wake over the years. Despite being old enough to know better, he’s still got the skills to rival the best in the world – even if he is on a skinny tyred, carbon fibre road bike. So how does he choose to reward the Pinarello Dogma for it’s TdF winning prowess? By cutting loose, getting off the tarmac and throwing it a road bike party. Oooh yeah.

Malcolm’s First Descent

Take one four year old boy, one bike park and a helmet camera and you get video gold. Watch in amazement as Malcolm tackles the first drop in of the Hellion trails at Highland Bike Park in the States. Be impressed as he rides it with style. Coo like an old lady as he tells his dad how utterly chuffed he is about doing it. If you’ve got kids, this will probably make you well up.

World’s Hardest Cyclocross Race

The talented Geoff Waugh managed to capture a whole load of moving pictures from this year’s Three Peaks Cyclocross race. It looks… character building.


Cam Zink’s Canyon Crash at Redbull Rampage 2012

Unless there’s something wrong with you, this will make wee want to come out. See the landing arrive and then disappear from Cam Zink’s perspective. Plenty of time to think about what’s going to happen…

Walk Tall

This a lovely short film made about ex-Olympic gymnast and good posture advocate George Weedon. Our favourite bits include where he explains how he fell off a stage, broke his back then then discovered he had TB while in hospital, leading to the removal of a kidney. “I was lucky”. Quite. It’s really quite heartwarming, especially where he reveals his age and then proceeds to try some gymnastic exercises out…

Jérôme and Pierre Clementz

A short and sweet video from MET Helmets, featuring enduro legends Jérôme and brother Pierre ripping about their local trails. Talented genes or just a lot of sibling rivalry?

Creative Departures: Belgium

Matt got so excited by this skateboarding vid that we can’t even post what he said. Safe to say he admires the skills of Dylan Reider and would like to thank him in person.


Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. Keep them coming to newdesk@singletrackworld.com….

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