GoPro launch HD Hero 3

by singletrackjon 8

Amateur filmmakers rejoice! GoPro have revamped their entire range of ubiquitous action cameras, making all of them slimmer and introducing an all new version with features that put some pro-quality kit to shame. The HD Hero 3 lineup is now made up of the entry level 5MP White Edition, the mid range 11MP Silver Edition and the top end 12MP Black Edition, which boasts 4K and 2.7K video resolutions, 1440p mode and a framerate of 120fps in the 720p mode. Slowmo roost is going to be everywhere.

All of them keep full 1080p HD recording but gain a Wi-Fi control capability for use with the new remote. All the housings comes with a dive resistant casing as standard and there’s even a new touchscreen BacPac to allow you to pick angles and view video there and then rather than waiting to get it home. The halving of the size now means that you can fit a camera and  screen in a housing the same size as the old body, achieving this in part by using a Micro SD card rather than the chunkier SD card of old.

Anyway, watch this video (make sure you put it in 1080p HD) and marvel at the quality you can get from something so small…

All editions are available for pre-order at and will be available in the UK exclusively through Madison.  Stock will be hitting stores next week on all models bar the Black edition which will be available November, prices starting at £199 for the White, £279 for the Silver and £359 for the Black Edition. Kinda makes a RED camera look poor value…

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  1. At the risk of sounding really stupid, I am right to assume the remote wifi and app for iPhones to act as remote will only work where there is a wifi Internet network available? If so what is the point as most forests don’t have this?

  2. $399usd (=£246)in the US, and we have to pay £359 here? Come on, that’s rip-off Britain right there.

  3. camerone, most phones can run an ad-hoc wifi network of their own (my HTC has a ‘Wifi Hotspot’ facility) Pretty sure Iphone would have something similar..

  4. Scribbler. I can turn 3G into wifi on iPhone, but most biking places are a weaker network. Assume it won’t work then. Just trying to ascertain the point of a wifi remote that only works in areas of strong mobile signal…

  5. Camerone: nope. The wifi in the GoPro creates an ad-hoc network.

    More discussion about the Hero3 on the forum by the way:

  6. GrahamS – top man. Makes sense that you can. Use remote wherever you are. Just my numpty tech head couldn’t get around it… With iPhone App could be very interesting….

  7. Impressive film advert thing, I’d rather have the lifestyle than a camera…

  8. Not sure about the exclusivity to Madison (who are not even mentioning it on their site yet).

    I have bought through these guys before, and they are advertising it. GoPro website says Nov 30th for UK shipping though.

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