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This just through from our friends at SRAM…


Given that SRAM’s top-end flagship cross country XX groupset first appeared in 2009, it’s probably due for a refresh. And what with it being an Olympic year, with all of those fast XC types going to be racing round in that there London, it would make sense for it to make its debut there, or thereabouts. So we’ve been sneaking around and stalking SRAMmies, buying them drinks and seeing if they have any random photos on their phones. Here’s what we have so far:


A reasonably low-res peek is all we have, but you can count 11 sprockets in there

‘Widest range’ cassette? What could be wider than 11-36? Either SRAM has worked out how to jam a 10T sprocket in with the cassette lockring, or is adding a lower dinner plate to the low end. SRAM’s machined steel XX block with a single aluminium lowest sprocket would lend itself to that second thought…

We're not sure, but that looks like a carbon spider, and a single (1x11?) chainring - with some very odd teeth profiles.

And given that we spotted what is either a new XX brake (which might also double as the Avid road brake, seeing as it shares the same silhouette as the artist’s impression of one) it looks like the whole group is going to be ready to race at the Olympics. SRAM is going to be rolling it out a month before the London Games, so we’ll see then what the potential medal winners will be using come August.

Prodding the Type2 derailleur. A clutch rear mech makes lots of sense on a 1x10 (or 1x11...) setup

New 1X MTB drivetrain.
Designed for Enduro and XC racing.
Innovative chain management technology including TYPE 2.
Grip Shift and trigger shifter.
Widest range cassette available.

Get the full story and see XX1 at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes, July 9-15

We’ll be updating this as we get more details, but we thought we’d give you this for now as it’s hot. Hmm, how many cogs on that cassette?

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