Eurobike 2011: DMR and Reynolds

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We take a look at the latest version of the hardcore do-it-all full susser from DMR, the Bolt. Full 4130 steel frame, 125mm of travel at the rear with a BB shell pivot and replaceable dropouts for a singlespeed or geared setup. Combined with a new tapered headtube that’ll take forks up to 170mm, it should be a sturdy option for a bit of jumping, mini DH or general woodsy ragging…

On the lighter (weight) side of life, we take a look at the new range of carbon fibre wheelsets from Reynolds, with new 29″ XC and tough 26″ all mountain clincher wheelsets, both coming with a load of axle options.

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    Ref the DMR Bolt, how can you have single speed on a FS? Surely you would have to have a rear chain tensioning device as well as front chain device? I haven’t watched the video to see if this is explained though…

    julioflo – The Lower pivot actually pivots round the BB so there’s no chain growth ;]

    haven’t watched the video to see if this is explained though…


    LOL at oxymoron, Reynold warranty a copy of mavic MP3

    so you insure the rims against breakage through Reynolds?
    why not just claim on your house insurance?

    the DMR is a nice frame-brilliant that its made from 4130 rather than coke can aluminium but its too expensive at £900.

    I love DMR, I have a hardtail, but I think thats what they do best and what they should stick to. If this steel full-susser is anything like as heavy as the steel 24seven Dark Angel I used to have, I reckon it’ll struggle. Not sure why you’d want a steel full susser really, but good luck to them anyhoo…

    DMR should possibly take ableaf out of Nicolai’s book and supply the frame without shock; this would knock a few quid off, and folk would be able to source whatever they want. In my experience those X-Fusion are dire.

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