Hope Technology Factory – A photo tour

by singletrackjon 31

The factory floor from above...
It's the complete staff of Hope Techology...
A mini museum dominates the entrance area...
Watch your hands...
Freshly purchased test machinery - for testing cranks perhaps?
They fitted in the room with a bit of fettling.

A disk brake dyno...
...action stations.
Temperatures of disk, pad and calliper are measured along with the speed and torque. You can similate an alpine descent using this...
...or just make discs glow red for the camera.
Shiny - but not shiny enough.
Before being anodised, the hubs are hung on these and polished...
..till they look like this.
How? With walnuts, that's how.
Ground up walnuts are eco friendly too.
Other items are polished loose in these tubs.
Anodising - components are hung on hooks...

...then dunked into the anodising tanks.
Electrical current is passed through the work items and through the liquid, priming the surface.
They're then put in temperature controlled batsh of dye to give the desire colour.
If some of this looks home-made...
..it's because it is. Hope created all their anodising baths themselves.
The final touch - laser etching on callipers
Hope Hoops custom wheels are hand finished...
Wheels are laced up by hand before having spokes threaded on...
...it's all about speed as well as efficiency.
Wheels are fed into the machine to be tensioned up.
An unfortunate juxaposition.
The bearing press...
A brew and some bearings.
The many Hoops of Hope
..because all the staff bikes are in here.
Hope Vision LED lights are soldered up in house...
The brains.
That grey bulb housing is made by the design team's 3D printer...
Green goodness.
Individual CNC machined components are hand assembled
Someone with taste.
The tool for stripping hydraulic hose before barbs are fitted - made in house, again.
This makes bleeding brakes very easy...
..open spanner, wait until they are no bubbles, job done.
Mono calliper stands out from the crowd
Carbon fibre lever blades
Where billet is turned into dreams...
The fastest workbench ever - actually for testing warranty returns...
Hope's customer service has always been excellent...
A pin-up...
..and a different kind of pin-up bird.
Nice to see others suffer from 'riding cheeks'
We're not sure what this is.
Hope's new integrated cassette and freehub being ground into submission on a staff bike...
...as is their prototype crankset and chain device.
Corridors of power
From paper to prototype to reality. A new Mini M4...

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Comments (31)

  1. really cool
    look like a great company to work for

  2. great article,great kit, nice to see behind the scenes.

  3. Will the new cassette fit a std Pro II hub????? or will they just fit the evo?

  4. Will fit the standard with a new axle and adaptor or something.

    Looks like an awesome place to work. Need an IT person? General stuff but specialising in automated software distribution and batch automation?? 😉

  5. Interesting peek behind the scenes of Hope…

  6. Very enjoyable little picture-story. Kinda wishing I’d saved up for Hope Hoops now.

  7. Great article and I really admire A company like Hope. I just wish they could sort there brakes out. Come I, mean honestly they are seriously behind in the part of technology.

  8. “I just wish they could sort there brakes out. Come I, mean honestly they are seriously behind in the part of technology.”

    Eh? 5 of us who ride regulary all have Hope Brakes, no issues what so ever.

  9. Hope brakes are just not as good as the competition. Simple as really. It’s not that they don’t work, they just don’t work as well, they are heavier and have less stopping power.

    As for that ‘integrated cassette’ can someone explain how that is not just a step back 20 years when we used to run ‘blocks’ that screwed onto the rear hub? I’m all in favour of reviving an old design if new technology and approaches can make it work better than what is available now but it doesn’t look like Hope are inventing something new.

  10. Heavy? How many brakes are heavier than the Race X2 261g for a full 140mm rotor setup!

    As for power they might not be the most powerful out there but Hope brakes often don’t feel powerful as they are not bitey. The thing I like about Hope brakes though is the serviceability and maintainability of them. They are way ahead of the game on this. Yes you can have your slightly more powerful shimano brake that lasts a couple of years but it will get scraped as you can’t get spares for it! Good design is not all about performance! My current hopes are over 8 years old now and still work as good as the day they were new. Maybe I’m just a skinflint but disposable products piss me off.

  11. Id pay for a tour round there – they should put in a bar and it would be like a Gentlemens Club.

  12. They do have a bar in there 😉

    The integrated freehub/cassette means you can have a much smaller gear than with a normal setup – down to a 9T. That means you can then run a single ring up front and, with a big 36T sprocket at the back, have a gear range that’s not far off a double setup.

  13. WackoAK Have you actually tried Saints? Don’t get me wrong
    Hope brakes are a thing of beauty, but they don’t stop you like shimano.

  14. My thoughts are – bugger misery guts billionaire Sugar and his mates on Dragon’s Den. This company should be studied/visited by every school child at the age of 12/13 to show them that actually there is still a place in this country for manufacturing (and Brooks should be included too, even though they are now part of an international conglomerate). Perhaps for his next TV series Guy Martin should visit Hope and Brooks to show the country/world, that British Industry isn’t just about the past and restoring it, but that hard work, clear thinking and guts can mean that UK manufacturing can live (to a degree) again.

    All the best to the owners and staff of Hope you are an example to us all.

  15. Thinking about it, we’ve got shitloads of Hope kit in our our house, on 5 bikes… brakes, hubs, headsets, seat clamps, the odd stem…

  16. Good uplfifting article, great company that makes good kit. Odd that an article essentailly about machineing bike parts is uplifting

  17. Yorkshire_Lad – I have Formula The One and Hope V2, not tried saints but doubt they are better than the formula which in turn is only slightly better than the V2.

  18. Great pics!

    I for one will happily be ordering the cross disc set up. I had the joys of original Hope Mono M4s melting in the Alps but given Hope’s well deserved reputation for customer service, I’ll be parting with my cash.


  19. I saw EDM during a tour of the old Benetton F1 factory – very impressive stuff indeed

  20. Brilliant to see a UK company doing so well especially in these hard times. Good on you Hope…

  21. hope are awesome
    so glad theyre british too

  22. Makes me very happy to have bought Hope hubs.

  23. Makes me even happeir to be part of the team, shame about the terrible picture of me though 🙁

  24. I’ve bought Hope stuff in the past and having experienced their customer service which is without doubt the best I have experienced anywhere, I now buy it because it works great and I trust it. And should something go wrong (that wasn’t my stupid fault!) I know that help isn’t far away. Keep on guys!

  25. very enjoyable article, thanks ST people

  26. I really like that hope parts are a totally different business model to anybody else. I might be wrong but most other companies are selling a product with inbuilt redundancy through parts that will break and are nearly impossible to replace. Hope though making something where most of the parts are replaceable and serviceable quite simply at home usually or they often refurbish in the factory. How cool is that and pees on anything that most other parts manufacturers offer from a great height.

  27. Brilliant. I wants those pedals. GIVE ME A PAIR!

  28. really interesting artical, great to see everything being made in house, speaks volumes about their ethics, ie not spreadsheet designing.

    have always had hope stuff on my bikes because i trust it, but must admit, i use the big S brakes ;o)

    oh, and put me down for those pedals!

  29. As with many other STWers, I love attention to detail. This was great and added a lot of character to a revered name in mtb. I’m even more excited about my new Hoop (on it’s way in the post!). I feel my bike may develop a Hope infection soon…

    Lovely cranks too!

  30. Neil looks well happy in all the pics with him in.

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