Video: Student Carnage


This is the best thing we’ve seen for a long, long time. At the 2011 BUCS Student champs, ‘someone’ taped in a rather steep descent on the cross country course. Shot by Joe from This Is Sheffield, this video will make your Tuesday a much happier place…

We’ll get back to the proper news shortly…


    Other people falling off bikes is funny. Students falling off bike is even funnier!!!!

    Very funny! Reminds me of early MTB races (91-95)…

    Perhaps this sounds a touch uncharitable and there may well be extenuating circumstances to which I am unaware, but had any of these riders ever actually been mountain biking before?

    Proof, if it were ever needed, that riding down steep stuff with your saddle right up is never a good idea.

    Brilliant, enjoyed that!

    There were a lot of experienced riders there, but the conditions were unfavourable to say the least.

    I had a go with a 2.4 Fat Albert up front and still almost washed out on that descent.

    I’m surprised the bloke with the Intense frame and the stick didn’t have to have both surgically removed from his rectum at the end of the day! Very funny video!

    its amazing how many people have no idea how to brake properly.

    Ah the little known sport of “bike flinging”. Some good riding in there between the falls. Just not much 🙂

    Gets better every time I watch it. Was great fun to watch at the time too.

    @ charliebigpotato “extenuating circumstances”? Well, it was basically an old DH course at Moelfre, with some extra rocks, banana peels, and gallons of water thrown onto it by spectators 😉

    I’m guessing it’s a bit steeper than it looks, but yes, a lot of them could do with dropping their seatposts IMHO.

    Utter brilliance. Made my week that has!

    Brilliant! That has also made my week. Top marks for the video man.

    Ah magic. It’s like the 90s all over again. I did the 1995 student champs and there was a hill like that on the DH course. I managed to hook my shorts on my saddle as i was getting over the back of the bike, moon the ghouls, go over the bars and pile through the safety netting. Happy days.

    Brilliant, just brilliant!

    You owe me for a new keyboard, this one has tea spat all over it now!

    Very funny 🙂
    At least there was a hill there, the last student champs I did, 2000, on the Isle of Wight, the DH course went uphill across a field to get a bit mor descent. I stil magaed to fall off and break my collar bone…

    Great stuff, reminds me of the time old spectator spot at the malvern bomb hole.

    Dropping their seat posts ! Lol ! Its meant to be a XC race except as mentioned the organisers have routed it down part of the DH course.

    Also the student championships are a bit different from a normal event as crowd for the XC event are actually the DH riders from the day before, they want to see either
    1. Unbelievably good riding
    2. Crashes

    Therefore organisers/spectators try to maximise rather than minimise accidents. As mentioned with the water/debris.

    Therefore you get loads of cheers if you try something reckless whether it works or not.

    Plus theres the fact that many of the riders are hungover from celebrating the DH event the day before. I dont really understand why they dont do the XC on saturday and DH on Sunday.

    Im not even sure its funny I have seen at previous student champions the crowd boo some of the girls if they decide to walk down and its probably their first race.

    That descent was well worth the uplift track climb. I wanna go again!

    As we say up here, “pure dead brilliant by the way”.. made my Tuesday much much brighter. Keep up the good work.

    Great fun, and hats off to all the attempters. The guy in the jimmy hat had it.

    I did the Student Champs at Ae last year, watching the DH was hilarious, and the racing the XC the next day was class, the downhill sections changed every lap, with new lines being created with rocks/tape/whatever came to hand.

    [teletubbies voice]

    Again! Again!

    [teletubbies voice]

    Great stuff – the guy in the tomac-esque black skinsuit was ruling it

    BUSA – enough said. Doesn’t matter what sport, student champs ALWAYS descend into carnage. I’d guess the DH is on the first day otherwise the DHers would be totally trolleyed before the race if it was on the Sunday. I was a competitve swimmer at uni and was equally chaotic. Us Scottish uni’s had a different take on relay changeovers – usually involving downing a beer, etc. And then there was the naked swimming…

    To be fair, I got some great crashes on camera from when they used that course for DH races a few years back.
    Great bit of track :o)

    Loads of XC jeyboys in lycra who can’t ride down a hill, with their seats up their arseholes falling off. Brilliant.

    Excellent! Was the pre-requsit to drink too much beer, then remove your rear brake?

    Absolute quality – doesn’t look that steep tho…

    i hope the 2012 Olympics will be like this!

    Learn to ride, y’all. Look at this – another XC numpty trying to achieve the rad. #fail.

    Has there ever been such a collection of feckless numpties in one place at the same time ?

    I love the fact its an Intense front triangle used for a cow bell. About all they’re worth…

    haaaaaa busas, nice video… Put me on a trip back to memory lane.
    As said previously it’s a bit of fair game. Saturnday XC jey-hey boy marshalling the DH and watching DH boy falling. Sunday it’s the other day around. 😀

    ‘kin students.

    Whats that theme tune from originally? Some kids program in the 80’s – red hand gang?

    @jimmy – Banana Splits.
    @DaveyBoyWonder To be fair, most of the XC numpties seemed to get away lightly… it was the flat pedal, pie-friendly rucksack people falling off if you watch again.

    @jimmy The tune is ‘Banana Splits’ by ‘The Dickies’. Best punk band ever.

    surely there is someone at the top shouting front brake FTW or something cos they r s***!

    Great event and great track for making xc more of a spectator sport. The atmosphere was unreal. Thankfully not everyone had as much trouble. This is a 3 minute video, there were 250+ riders and 6 laps. So a lot of footage of people riding it has been left out. And rightly so. Who wants to see someone in lycra showing some technical ability?
    Definitely one of the best bike videos of 2011.

    My favourite is the dude at 2:30 both feet off the pedals bouncing around on the seat, skillz!!

    Kudos to the rider in yellow for his one-handed cartwheeling bike catch at 2:53.

    BWA HAHAHA!!! (in a mock kung fu villan stylee!)

    my sides are aching, very very funnny

    ir bandito, ah the 2000 isle of wight, i was there, that dh course was a pain. me n a few mates built some rough jumps in the field the day before just to try n spice it up a bit. an xcer won the dh on his xc bike. we also had a massive fire and spent the night in her majestys b&b for nicking beer n whisky out the back of the beer tent. oh anf floodlit dirtjumping, class!

    Quality vid! I can’t even finish watching it at work because stifling the laughter is impossible! I’ve already been asked by my colleague if I’m choking……

    minnellium said: On March 15, 2011
    Learn to ride, y’all. Look at this – another XC numpty trying to achieve the rad. #fail.

    people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

    5th watch, still very very funny!