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Ghost AMR Lecter 7700 Carbon
From: HotLines
Price: £2699.99

With 120mm travel front and rear, Ghost say this bike is “your perfect companion in any scenario: steep uphills, speedy downhills or longer tours alike.” The tapered headtube is fitted with a Ritchey Pro tapered headset holding the Fox Forx 32FIT-RL 120 mm Tapered 15 QR fork.

Gaerne Carbon G.Ara Shoes
From: HotLines
Price: £169.99 (£134.99 non -carbon sole version)

Chipps has been trying out these new super shiny shoes from Gaerne although someone mentioned they look a little like girls school shoes. Chipps reckons they’re very comfortable so far. Along with this shiny black, they come in shiny red, grey and white.

Five Ten Line King
From: BigStone
Price: £79.99

These funky yellow shoes have come in for Jon. They’re designed for slacklining, BMX tricks, freeride and urban biking. Five Ten say the “highly-versatile Line King is the perfect choice for people who live the outdoor lifestyle.”

Stans Tubeless System
From: Paligap
Price: £49.99

We’re in for some fun over the next week or so as we set up some tubeless wheels.


Airace 21 in 1 multi tool
From: Fisher Outdoor
Price: £39.99

This multi tool has 7 hex keys, tyre levers, 3 box wrenches, 3 spoke wrenches, bottle opener, chain breaker, chain retainer and more. What else could you want?

Airace 19 in 1 Multi tool
From: Fisher Outdoor

The 19, like most little brothers, is living in the shadow of it’s bigger sibling, the 21. It comes with all the same tools as the 21 except for the chain tools and it is £20 cheaper.

Airace Smart Mini Pump
From: Fisher Outdoor
Price: £12.99

It pumps!

Alpina Pheos Merida and L.E Helmets
From: Merida Bikes
Price: £129.99

New for 2010, Alpina have launched a new range of helmets. These are the first glimpse we’ve got of them but we’ll soon put them to the test!

Kids Helmets
From: Madison
Price: £19.99

We got a load of kids helmets in from Bell and Giro. We have, from the top, the Giro Rascal, Giro Spree and two Bell Splash helmets. The helmets have a new, One-Step Fit Technology system, which is designed to do away with conventional adjusters and unnecessary buckles to help ensure the helmet is as easy and as simple as possible to fit, but more importantly almost impossible to fit incorrectly. Plus the colour schemes are appealing for kids.

Shimano 9-Speed Cassette
From: Madison
Price: £49.99

This 11-34T cassette has Shimano’s hyperglide sprockets, which have a computer designed tooth configuration with contoured shift gates said to result in a crisp smooth shift even under load

Shimano SLX Rear Mech
From: Madison
Price: £49.99

This SLX is a shadow mech, featuring a super low profile design that reduces the trailside hazards.

Shimano Chainwheel
From: Madison
Price: £34.99

Replacement chainring. Does what it says on the tin.

Shimano SLX Triple Crank Set
From: Madison

A new 10 speed specific crank set from Shimano, with all the features you’d expect from SLX products.

SLX 10spd Rear MechShimano SLX 10-Speed Rear Mech
From: Madison
Price: £49.99

To follow up last week’s 10spd SLX cassette and chain, here’s a rear mech to match.

SLX 10spd Front MechShimano SLX 10-Speed Front Mech
From: Madison
Price: £29.99

We’ve got a 10spd compatible, top-swing front mech too.

Shimano SLX 10-Speed Shifters
From: Madison
Price: £59.99 per pair

You can’t go 10-speed without some 10-speed shifters!

Topeak Mini Morph
From: Extra UK
Price: £24.99

The aptly named morph has a folding foot support and flexible hose which easily converts it from a frame pump into a roadside floor pump!

Comments (21)

    Those Ghost bikes do look pretty sorted I must say.

    Tire is American English, tyre is, er, English English.

    The Mini Morph pump is great, been using one for the last couple of years.

    Look out for a review of the Ghost in the next issue of the mag – we took it to Spain with us on our recent Tom-breaking holiday to Joyriders. It’s a very nice bike..

    The Mini Morph pump is great, been using one for the last couple of years.

    +1, it’s the only mini pump I’ve found so far that doesn’t break after a few weeks, gets road tyres up to 100+ psi easily and is dinky enough for a jersey pocket. And reasonably priced.

    That Ghost looks lovely, another one for consideration on my “what trail bike to get?” list

    Agreed on the Ghost. The swingarm looks very Trek Evo link, which can only be a good thing, and the gear all looks perfect for UK trails (shorter travel but still tapered headtube and QR15 forks, etc). Decent spec for the price too.

    I reckon you could go 10 speed with an unindexed deore thumbie…

    +1 mini morph.

    Why are the tubeless kits so expensive – those rim strips seem silly money.

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but just WhtTheFlip is ‘slacklining’?

    …and is it just me, or is anyone else left feeling slightly nauseous each week by the way the photos come *before* the descriptive text?

    Photo of something random…
    “Oh what is that?”
    Descriptive text…
    “I’ll just have to scroll back to look at that once random thing”
    “I’m feeling slightly sick now”.

    Ghost are made in the same factory as Cube. Just cheap German shit sold at a premium price. Talk to anyone in Germany and they will tell you how good they are…not.

    {Ghost has been on the phone to point out that they’re NOT made in the same factory as Cube. As for their quality, we reckon you should read the next issue of Singletrack magazine and see what we thought of it. And if you’re still not happy, please give us your phone number and the engineers would be happy to phone you up and talk about their testing and manufacturing processes… – Chipps}

    slacklining think of a tightrope now make it not tight and you have a slack rope ,, you walk along it and do tricks,

    Slacklining …….”You walk along it and do tricks” ……… well you try to walk along it but it isnt easy and you spend more time falling off. Make sure you can stand astride of the slackline………

    ghost swing arm may look like a trek but it’s a horst rather than an APB free floater isn’t it? bouncy bouncy braking then

    “those rim strips seem silly money.”
    Stans £16ish, a lot of wonga for half an innertube

    Topeak pumps are ace, my old one wouldnt pump anymore so took it to LBS and got a new seal kit. Fitted that, still didnt work. Took it back to LBS they rang up Topeak, took pump off me, posted it away and nice shiny pump arrived shortly after.
    Good product and an excellent service…’ll never catch on!

    CUBE will also note that GHOST are not made in the same Factory as us…..please research before commenting….

    no_eyed_dear – its not just you, I get sea sick too with the photos and text being the “wrong” way round. Ho-hum.

    I’m surprised no-one has commented on the gopping looks of those 5:10s. They look like Doc Martins for Teletubbies.

    Slacklining :

    Oh, I agree on the photos coming before the title/descriptions, esp without any dividers. When there are several similar products it confuses me no end. Perhaps I’m a bit Simple?

    We shall try captions above photos this week 🙂

    OMG WTF captions ABOVE the phtotos, WTH is THAT?


    like the look of the cube, couldn’t care less where it’s made so long as the quality is good. 120/120 for trail bikes is where it’s at IMO, if Mrs Fascist gives me clearance that’s going to be my next purchase. Interesting also that tapered headtubes seem to be taking over the world.

    and +1 for the Morph range of pumps. I replaced my mountain morph with a leyzene because … well mostly because I’m a tart. IMO the Morph is better. The Road version is good aswell.

    I reckon 120/100 is where it’s at for trail bikes personally.

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