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  • Which Go-Pro & Bundle do I want?
  • Premier Icon RobinL

    I got a GoPro for a Xmas present …. It’s back in it’s box now … I managed to successfully use it once.

    Lots of problems with it stopping of it’s own accord and not working again. Found a support thread where lots of people had similar issues. Standard response was a new specific SD Card …

    I got fed up with p*ssing about with it on rides – therefore gave it up as a bad job.

    Just my experience, so I wouldn’t recommend them.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    If it must be a gopro, get a session. They are the cheapest, and smallest.

    Consider some of the clones which are actually fine if you’re not planning on broadcasting your dog – there was a thread in the last couple of weeks.


    I have a Hero 4 Black. I’d like the Hero 5 Black just for the screen on the back so I can see what I’m filming. If that’s not a deal breaker the Hero Session 5 will save you a few quid.

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    Get a 4 silver, it has the best value combination.

    It can be used for all sorts I have used it for Flyboarding, Snowboarding, mountain biking, larking about in the pool, swimming under waterfalls, walking around temples and so on.

    It is very versatile and has a screen on the back.

    The session has an internal battery, this is quite limiting unless it is the secondary camera.

    Buy a decent branded memory card and you won’t have issues.

    Accessories wise
    Chest mount
    floating bobber handle thing
    Helmet side mount
    Helmet Ninja mount
    mini gorilla pod style tripod
    spare batteries and charger
    spare memory card, I changed mine out halfway through my recent trip to Bali just to make sure worst case I lost half not all the footage.

    hope that helps.


    Session 4, small, light, neat and waterproof without the need for a bulky plastic overcoat. one button functionality. £150.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Get a clone rather than a GoPro – far better value.


    I wouldnt buy a gopro due to the software sucking arse & requiring a login for the simplest of tasks.
    Check the app store reviews of it.
    I would be looking at another manufacturer that didnt force me to do this.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    6 is out today. whoop-te-doo. Another way to incinerate £300 for very little return.

    Get a session, they’re perfect, apart from the software, particularly the phone app, which does indeed suck arse, big style. (why do I need to log in? I’m in the middle of northumberland, there’s more chance of being able to communicate with mars than your servers, sod off!)

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    I want to make some sick edits.

    In reality though, I would like one for the following:

    Videos of the dog running in front of my bike
    My kids going down the water canyon at center parcs
    A trip to Iceland next year with various fancypants trips on snowmobiles and stuff

    What is best compromise for value v useability? Any must haves, or must avoids?

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