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  • What padlock for 13mm chain?
  • MoseyMTB

    I’ve been looking at bike chains and to get a good 13mm chain and lock your looking at £80.

    I can get 13mm chain for £30 so what would be a good padlock to go with this?

    Any advice would be great.


    Check out the squire Ml2l on eBay. If you are earning 60k a year then the squire ss50 and 65 are very good!


    Was having this chat with a mate who’s bike got nicked, regardless of if its a £20 padlock or a £100 padlock, a decent pair of bolt croppers will eat right through it either way..

    So is there any point spending mega amounts on the lock ?

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Yes a 13mm chain can be cropped, however it is going to take some time and pricking about with some sizeable bolt croppers. This will be a significantly better deterrent than some of the things that try to pass for bike locks.

    At the end of the day if the crim is tooled up enough they can get anything no matter what you use however if you make it significantly awkward enough for the average crim they will go else where as it is too much hassle.

    I have a squire ss50 on my chain and it seems a pretty decent bit of kit.

    One word of caution on the chain you plan on using would be to make sure it meets the requirements of your home and contents insurance , some specify solid secure gold chains etc which yours may not be.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    Does the chain go through itself on the end? (so only one link needs to go into the chain?

    These are well-rated:
    Or slightly cheaper:

    Absolutely massive and heavy though.



    I asked my insurer and they say as it’s a specified bike it just needs locking. Not a specific level lock.

    I have a ground anchor and 1.5m 13mm chain so I just wanted a padlock.

    Buying a similar chain and lock as one seems to be around £100 so my way (£30) chain and a lock will be significantly cheaper plus the chain is stronger.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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