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  • Long Sleeve Merino base layers?
  • Premier Icon maxray

    How about one of these, only £25 +p&p… hang on, that logo looks familiar…


    You would think i was sponsored by them, some of their stuff is just really good value mind.

    Premier Icon Nick

    Chocolate Fish (short for Chocolate Starfish perchance?) has the shittest website I’ve seen for ages.


    Try TK MAxx, dri as a bone ones for 20.00 looked nice.
    Personally as a zidane tpye sweating individual I prefer merino wool and have tried several for me what works is
    Surly brilant
    nike grand
    kona tfiosi went like felt and was rubbish
    endura halcoyn ok
    Howies complete tosh and drivel, no properities at all cold wet and shapeless.

    On the ‘helly smelly’ side I would recommend Decathlon gear especially the skins stuff high quality and cheap works better than 75% of merino wool tops


    my shirt is from Howies and is excellent… great colour too (not boring black)


    Glad they work for you, in our family all 4 were useless………………..well they make good but expensive dusters.

    Maybe they have improved in the last 3 years

    Sorry also have a very old but still great submerino from ground effect

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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