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  • sofatester

    Ebay i would have thought.

    don’t know if they are the cheapest.
    but this is the best place to get them


    scond that Hans, wheelpro can do you 2 options..

    1. Price match online shops and get stock hope wheels (good wheels)
    2. Pay RRP and get Roger to check the wheels over (amazing wheels!) and fit yellow rim tape and valve.

    Id SERIOUSLY reccomend spending the extra on the second option! When you consider the cost of buying the rim tapes and 2 valves its not even that much more!


    The bike outlet are the cheapest I have found, but probably worth the extra to get them from Roger at Wheelpro and have him fettle them to perfection, otherwise he will price match without giving the wheels some extra loving.


    Wheelpro, My biffa-esque figure has been unable to “untrue” my hope/819’s.


    I’m looking at getting 2 wheelsets of Hope Pro 2’s with stans 355 rims. anyone know where’s cheapest to get them from?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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