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  • ninfan

    As you said with Alcoholism, it’s an addiction like drugs for me, I am an over-eater, I will always be an over-eater, I don’t know if it’s mental or in my DNA – I can eat to the point it’s painful, and still try to cram more in – it’s **** weird frankly.

    I resemble that remark

    I have been both sides of the barrier, dieting and overexercising to the point of unhealthy and then obese at the other end of the scale.

    losing weight at the moment through a 1300 calorie per day diet, (one day off in the past three weeks where I went to 2500)

    The things that I recognise in me are –
    i) no moderation (this applies to many things in my life)
    ii) autistic inertia – I can start dealing with something at ten in the morning and then look up and its ten at night, and suddenly the hunger pangs come and its all i can think about, and I can’t satiate them, gorge gorge gorge.

    The things i have found help me in the past few weeks are:

    i) Things in portions – by that I mean, if I cook enough for three portions, then I will eat them… so I don’t, i buy things the right size
    ii) lots of protein, it fills you up – tins of tuna, hard boiled eggs – eaten without any carbs
    iii) tinned fruit – a tin of peaches (in juice) is far more filling than 180 calories from a cereal bar or anything
    iv) sweet and savoury seems to trick my brain into thinking something is more substantial – eating a sliced apple with salad cream and chilli sauce for example seems far more filling than just eating an apple
    v) morrisons corn on the cob, great snack – plus in extremis, e.g. if you end up travelling or something, then KFC corn on the cob is brilliant
    v) keep a food diary – myfitnesspal is a great phone app


    Do not skip breakfast. Porridge slow release energy. Sets you up for the day and kick starts your metabolism. Far to many carbs and sugar in your list. Eat more protein to feel full. Cut down on the sugar. Fat is not the problem sugar is. Don’t eat after your last evening meal. It is perfectly acceptable to feel hungry. You won’t die or fade away and breakfast is only one sleep away.

    Premier Icon Ginger

    The 5 days are not calorie controlled but you find yourself not as hungry – like a reset.

    I did wonder if it was psychological then I got pregnant and the full switch worked perfectly. Continued for about 7 weeks after birth then I was back to normal.

    I heard that fasting is showing some potential for diabetes treatment. I don’t think it is teaching discipline, it is more endocrine than that I think. Certainly in my experience but everyone is different.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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