Going coil – front or back first

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  • Going coil – front or back first
  • Premier Icon golo

    may have access to a coil fork as a mates deal. Good or bad idea before getting a coil shock?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Not really important imo which way round, or whether you do one or either or neither or both. Fork is definitely less bike-specific, I put a DHX in my old Hemlock and it was a blobby fiasco but the Lyriks ruled in it

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Yeah doesn’t really matter – arguably better to start with the fork perhaps as it’s at the business end and I have very happy memories of riding Marz coil forks with just an RP23 on the rear.


    Dunno. I found a coil fork too linear for what I like to do, with around 20% sag it’d nearly bottom out when I bunny hopped up kerbs. Back to air for me. If I had a bike that just pointed downhill (a downhill bike, maybe? 😆 ) I’d have a coil fork on it, but not for generally buggering about on a Swiss army bike (BFe).

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    depends! whatyagotnow?

    would usually lean to fork but on a nice progressive 120mm rear 29er, coil would make a huge difference , well that’s what I am hoping!

    Depends on how progressive the rear is, a simple coil fork can be unbalanced with a highly progressive rear leverage ratio coupled with an air shock. Coil forks can unbalance the bikes on jumps etc.

    Unless you are getting a coil fork with some kind of end stroke ramp up – eg PUSH ACS-3, MRP or an open bath cartridge with a hydraulic bottom out or the ability to adjust damper progression by altering oil volume.

    Premier Icon golo

    Thanks all.  I know more but not sure I’ve reached a conclusion.


    <span style=”color: #444444; font-size: 16px; -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;”>Coil forks can unbalance the bikes on jumps etc.</span>

    You’d shit yourself if you tried jumping on a hardtail then

    Dont worry, I once spent 2 weeks riding an oversprung 2003 Chameleon with C1 Hopes in morzine.

    My point is that some bikes just ride better with an air fork or a coil to match.

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