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  • manderson

    I’m thinking of swapping my edge 500 for the 510 to benefit from the better connectivity I.e. live tracking and auto sync to garmin connect and the on to strava.

    Has anyone got the 510 and does the connectivity and automatic syncing work as intended or is it just more faff?

    With only having a tablet these days (no usb) it’s increasingly a pain to sync anything to strava.


    Premier Icon pfweller

    I only have a tablet also and its autosync mostly JustWorks(tm). Sometimes I need to switch the Garmin off/on so it’ll connect via Bluetooth, but that’s it. I have Strava linked up to my Garmin Connect account and usually have a “New Ride” notification from Strava before I even get to the tablet when I arrive at the house.

    My biggest issue is getting GPX files on there for following courses (I’m not aware of any way to do this without plugging it in) but I just load them up at work or with my girlfriend’s laptop so that bit is fine.

    Edit: Livetrack worked great when I was using it, had my mum and my girlfriend tracking me during RideLondon last summer!


    Thanks – I hadn’t considered route planning as ive not added many new ones recently but it’s been v frustrating using garmin connect which is so slow and not user friendly!

    I like mine a lot and use most of the functions – courses, live track, strava sync all work well. Bluetooth means I never plug it in. As above, only use Garmin connect to create a course, but once it’s in Connect I send it to the 510 over Bluetooth. Works really well. Only thing I don’t tend to do is follow other gpx files but that would need a computer. Overall very happy with it.

    Hob Nob

    I don’t really use the maps for following routes feature – I tried it once, to see how it worked, but it was a bit of a pain. It’s rare I ride anywhere I need directions though. I expect it would be very good on the road.

    The connectivity aspect is great. When it works. I have a slightly petulant older iphone that doesn’t like playing with Bluetooth sometimes, so that aspect is a bit erratic.

    It also, for the most part, works in the woods – unlike my old 200, which was useless.


    Just gone from a 500 to a 510. All good!

    Route plan on garmin connect, sync phone app with connect, then upload route to phone. Easy Peasy.

    Activity upload just works, finish ride, and it’s uploaded and I’ve got strava kudos from people before I even get in the house! (More a pat on the back and a condescending “well done” rather than any KOMs you understand)


    I love mine but as I’m doing a lot more running these days I bought a fenix 3.
    So I’m selling mine.

    £160 and it’s yours. It’s in perfect condition.


    510 works perfectly for me. Not sure I’d go from a 500 to a 510 though unless you really want the connectivity. I moved from the 200 and it was as much about the 1 second polling and Glonass that made me move. That said, it’s great not having to switch on the laptop to upload a ride!

    Mine uploads the ride the instant I press save and usually it’s on Strava by the time I’ve settled down with a cuppa. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours to get on Strava though but that’s the web side. Nothing to do with the device.

    Never tried the Live Tracking and never tried following directions.

    The new firmware gives live segment tracking too. Beeps you in and paces you. Utterly soul destroying on steep road climbs!

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