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  • blooddonor

    Only if the police are chasing me, and then badly!


    I literally run funny for some reason, i feel like my left leg is shorter 😐 …unless chase by rabid dog.. Or angry ducks


    Meep Meep! 😀

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    I’m defo no runner, although if I was 5 stones lighter then maybe. It takes me 34 minutes-ish to run a 5k, put in perspective my Daughter (16yo) can run it in 17 minutes lol/help


    8-10 mph is my speed – 5-26.2 miles though!

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    Like a child chasing the ice cream van……………….

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    ^^ that vid is quite impressive 😯

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    HGH is a marvelous thing 8)


    Nope. Never could, really, but my damaged left knee makes walking ‘interesting’, sometimes, it almost feels like my knee wants to bend sideways, which is disconcerting, so running, not an option.

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    I could always run pretty fast, faster than anyone else in my school by a good margin, but never over a distance. A bit of work fixed that though.

    I have quite easily outrun a treadmill, but the ones I tried didn’t go that fast, didn’t really even need to sprint. I could also keep up with the moped we used to mess about with, if it was on grass.

    I love running, I am a slow runner though. Smidge over 2 hours for a half on relatively flat offroad stuff. Really don’t like running on the roads and my favourite was is probably skiddaw in keswick.

    If I am going to be running it may as well be off-road right?


    I started running this time last year. I used to hate running, but since dedicating some time to learning how to do it properly, i’ve come to really enjoy it.

    I started off hobbling my way around a 3k loop (running used to really aggravate my lower back until i looked at my technique properly), but before too long i could tick off a 10k without a second thought. I did 17 miles the other week; wearing boots, carrying a 35lb bergen and a rifle.

    I’m by no means a good runner, i just enjoy it. I tend to just bumble along at 10:00ish/mi. In my eyes, if it feels like hard work, you’re working too hard!

    And i agree about trail running. Save the roads for driving on, and get out into the hills for biking/running/playing!

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I’ve really only got into running this year. I’m by no means quick (tend to average 8 or 9 mins per mile) but get out at least 3 times a week on local “trails” and do anywhere from 5k to 10k at a time depending on my mood/time.

    I particularly like the time efficient nature of it , straight out the door for a really good workout in under an hour. 🙂


    Came from running cx & fells round lancs red rose league as a kid & blagged my way to inter counties (fail). Did virtually whole of Barnsley marathon when I was 13 with my mum (waited down round from start & finished at same place). Was managing sub 40min 10k when doin triathlons later on.

    Now just randomly & slowly plod along in the forest with the dog when I fancy a change & enjoy it so much better

    Premier Icon schnor

    I only started recently as I wanted to keep more overall fitness this winter than I managed last winter. I can ride 100 miles no problem (ok the last few miles are a slog), but a ~4km run kills me!

    I’m liking it more than I though I would, and it’s a nice change from biking TBH 🙂


    What amazed me was when someone explained the marathon world record requires you to run an average of under 18sec for the 100m but for 2 hours. Not sure I could do that once, I can’t run.


    I run like Forrest on absinthe

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    I couldn’t for ages after I bust my hip but it seems to be coming back, I can manage a fairly normal stride now. Did a fair old run at the GT7 with my knackered bike. But I think that’s about all I’ve got. Not too fussed tbh, running is for people who don’t have bikes.


    Now, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I can run like the wind blows.

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    HGH is a marvelous thing

    This is American football, he’ll be on way more than just HGH. Team issue steroids, team issue EPO, etc

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Oh yes. It’s taken me 40 + years but I can. Currently working up to 10k. 7.5k is relatively painless now!


    Kind of. Been running a little bit for a couple of years now. In that time I’ve probably had half dozens runs that didn’t feel really tough.

    The rest, regardless of distance, have been borderline horrid. Saying that, I’m kind of hooked at the minute and am running more than cycling just now. Currently in two minds whether I want to do a marathon next year……

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I run for busses/trains and from trouble. I was complimented as I did a running Le Mans start for a race last weekend then ran the finish after jamming a chain 300m out.

    Still not inclined to run though – mainly due to the likelihood of requiring knee rebuilds


    I was a runner before I discovered bikes and I now tend to run in winter and ride in summer. I’m not amazingly fast but tend to be in the top 25% of women at races and at the moment I’m adding a bit more structure to my training to get faster. I’ve given up marathons though – I did loads of them a few years ago and got my time down to 3:44 but the training is too much to fit in alongside the other stuff I want to do.

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    Nice and steady, did my 1st 21k this year at 2 hours 4 minutes and like to run 4k in the morning (22 mins) before breakfast when I can. Looking at trail running now to go alongside biking as I have found the road running really helping my riding stamina, want to improve my overall fitness and it looks fun.


    . . . I can’t hide either 😉

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