Best Written Article – Singletrack Reader Awards 2017

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Whether it’s an epic tale of derring-do, a bit of thoughtful reflection, a humorous take on life on wheels, or even a technical review, we love a well written article. Web and magazine content were eligible for this category – here’s what made it through:

Hannah Dobson – Crying Shame, web column

Column by Hannah Dobson

Hannah says: “OK, so this is a little embarrassing, but I’m told this column got more positive comments than anything else published, so I’m on the shortlist, and no arguments. This is a tale of trail meltdown, of failure of nerve, and the importance of friends. I nearly didn’t publish it because I feared I would be told to stop being a wimp – I needn’t have worried, because, as the comments attest, a lot of you have experienced similar emotions out on the trail too.”

David Hayward – Mysterious Axxios Stickers Allegedly Reduce Vibrations On Bikes, web news story

News story by David Hayward

Between the product news and rad videos, sometimes there is actual journalism to be done. David spotted these stickers, researched them, researched a whole bunch of science too, and produced this thorough article questioning the validity of the claims being made regarding the performance of the Axxios product. We’re still waiting to hear back from Axxios, by the way.

Jason Miles – Rumble In The Jungle, Issue 108

Feature by Jason Miles, this image by Lucia Griggi

Jason has written a number of reviews for us and is a regular columnist, and you can be sure there’ll be a creative turn of phrase and pithy observation in whatever he writes. His Rumble In The Jungle feature for Issue 108, recounting his experience racing a stage race across Sri Lanka, stands out not just for the humour, but for doing a great job of a tricky topic. It’s notoriously hard to write anything interesting about a race experience, especially if you’re actually racing up the sharp end, but Jason managed to be at the prizegiving end of things and tell us an entertaining yarn. He even had some of us wondering whether it might just be worth getting fit enough to have a go at the event ourselves.

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