Intense launches the ACV – carbon 27.5+ trailmonster

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Intense have dipped a couple of carbon-flavoured toes into The Future with the release of the ACV (which in typically Intense military parlance stands for “Air Cushioned Vehicle” – or Hovercraft, to you and me).

But (I hear you cry) what is it? Well, it’s a 27.5+, 150mm travel at the front, 130mm travel at the back, carbon framed number. And it’s rather pretty:
Intense ACV

First up, Intense are keen to stress that this isn’t simply a 29er with some chubby wheels slapped in; it’s a dedicated 27.5+ bike. The back end has been specifically designed, although we guess there’s no reason why you’d not be able to run 29er wheels in there if you wanted. You can also flip it to 115mm of travel, but why you would is anyone’s guess.

So what do you get? Well, there’s a carbon frame and swingers, natch. Some nice looking internal routing:


And as is the case increasingly these days, Intense have taken the opportunities available with boost (of course it’s boosted) to stiffen up the back end and keep it acceptably short – this one runs at 438mm. As a result, there’s no place for a front mech, and the bike does look cleaner as a result:


Geometry wise, what do we have? Well, it’s right in there with a load of other fun bikes – nice slack 66.25 deg head angle, just under 74 deg seat angle, good reach and stack numbers – I’ve had a spin on one and I thought it was a hoot.


At present, you can find it at a couple of spec. levels – there’s no frame only option at present. First of all we have the Foundation spec which comes in at £4,099 (Brexit permitting). There’s one change to this spec. though, in that the UK bikes will come with a KS Lev seatpost.

cAnd the more swanky Pro build comes in at £5,399 (also with a KS Lev dropper rather than the Reverb stated here):


Oh, but there’s more, you lucky people! We’ve had one in to review, and Our Cumbrian Correspondent has duly been hooning up and down steep and pointy things, so you don’t have to! Keep your eyes peeled for it on the website later today!


For more details, check out Intense’s website. They’re brought in to the UK by Saddleback.

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