Scottish ‘Take Care of Your Trails Weekend’ launches

by Chipps 4

The Scottish mountain biking community is gearing up for the country’s largest ever concerted voluntary trail repair, maintenance and build effort at the end of April.

On the weekend of Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April 2016, the Scottish ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ weekend will take place with trail repair groups from the Highlands to the Tweed Valley joining forces as part of a nationwide, coordinated weekend of volunteer-based trail maintenance events – co-ordinated by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland – an offshoot of Scottish Cycling.

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We’re sure even Klondike Pete will be there.

Graeme McLean from Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, the partnership project responsible for co-ordinating the weekend says:
“After a successful pilot year in 2015 we are delighted to launch the Scottish ‘Take Care of Your Trails’ weekend. Scotland has some of the best mountain biking trail provision in the world and those who spend time on these trails are keen to ensure that it stays that way. Last year proved that giving up a day or two of their time to help maintain their local trails is something most mountain bikers can get behind. The sheer volume of volunteers mucking in over the course of the weekend is going to make a huge difference. We’re really looking forward to seeing all the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots from across Scotland!”

Andy Wardman, Mountain Bike Ranger from Forestry Commission Scotland says:

“We are really looking forward to being part of this nationwide event, showcasing the good work of trail repair groups and encouraging more people to give it a try. Here at Glentress we host Scotland’s longest running trail repair group – the Glentress Trail Fairies. As such, we really get to see the impact of trail repair groups over time. The groups’ efforts are invaluable in sustaining the world-class offering of trails that we have here in the Tweed Valley.”

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Hopefully it’ll be like this, only with more dry

Trail maintenance events will be taking place at various locations across Scotland over the weekend on 23rd/24th April 2016. There will be a range of tasks to suit all ages and abilities so everyone is welcome.

For locations and booking information, visit

Comments (4)

  1. FFS! Why did DMBinS decide that it would be a good idea to do this the same weekend as Pedal on Parliament? There will be several thousand cyclists from all over Scotland in Edinburgh on Saturday 23rd April riding from the Meadows to Holyrood asking for better investment in cycle infrastructure and active travel in general. ( )

    Assuming about 1 in 10 people going to PoP are also keen mountain bikers, that means that at least several hundred potential diggers won’t be out fixing trails for fully half of the weekend.

    Doesn’t anybody at DMBinS know how to read a calendar, or have anything to do at all with any cycling advocacy groups whatsoever?

  2. ‘Assuming about 1 in 10 people going to PoP ‘

    That’s a fair assumption, the only folks I know that do/have done it, are roadies or cycle commuters.

  3. Bizarre choice of Ben Lomond. Cyclists maybe make up 2-3% of the users at best? Surely most of the erosion comes from walkers? I can think of better trails with higher bike usage in and around that area that would benefit from some TLC over Ben Lomond.

  4. That 1 in 10 was a pessimistic assumption but enough to make the point. TBH I’m struggling to think of any mountain bikers I know who aren’t cycle commuters as well which makes me think I should revise my estimate upwards, although perhaps the circles I move in aren’t representative of the Scottish MTB community as a whole.

    And let’s face it – if you’re a keen mountain biker and you live within 10km of your workplace, then why aren’t you commuting by bike already? It’s free – you already have at least one bike and the muscles to power it. Lots of employers offer cycle to work, which is as good an excuse as any to go for N+1.

    And if you do commute by bike and you live in Scotland, you really should be at PoP, and if you can’t make it then get involved with #walkcyclevote and write to your Holyrood candidates asking what they are going to do to make your cycling safer and more convenient.

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