Truth of the day: the return of the Missile!

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OK – we know this will only appeal to readers of a certain vintage, but this made our morning when we heard it:

World-beating piranha-loving wild child Missy ‘The Missile’ Giove is racing this weekend’s Windham World Cup DH.

Now we know the MTB world loves a good rumour, so went straight for the facts – and here she is, tucked away quietly on the last page of the UCI entry list:

missy_1Oh yes. Yes. YES. We fervently hope that she doesn’t stay that quiet on race day. If you want us on Saturday, we’ll be sat in front of RedBull TV…

Giove’s bike from the days of Foes. Pure, metal, RAD.

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  1. She raced round 4 of the ProGRT at Snowshoe WV a few weeks ago.

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