Bionicon launches Edison rEVO 2016

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Bionicon has launched the Edison rEVO for 2016 with a number of tweaks. They’ve done the usual reach increase and seat tube decrease on the 27.5in bike for that long’n’low thing, and they’ve tweaked the bike to save weight.   FAqFCON09d94g5WL6h8B-jS2iE3OfpMugT11PPnSPAw,qu_sDpE82ARimX9VWuCqmr_ptrV3kGTJO_WbStIaoRg,C3DMLhoX-3_iLxdBYl_9LUrl233tZqPHi7obV_DRgw0They’re available in 180 and 160mm versions with the Bionicon travel adjustments on X-Fusion shocks.
gGk8y_oLNNdDE-QIGafAiLpoMQUMWlW1LbvmUC6FpUY,YAS4fAfdxBZlkLKiDupuDhRVqj2QxY-tredtTxwHbZY The Bionicon system has been given some tweaks to make the damping better with increased plushness and a less harsh topout. And what’s more, the rEVO is also available in 160mm guise in a non-adjustable guise with RockShox suspension components.
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